The Basics.

This is what you need to get what you want.

1. A clear intent.

2. An.action that reinforces that intent.

3. The belief it's possible for YOU.

4. ENERGY. Energy makes it possible to do work, and anything we do in terms of shifting to another state is work.

5. Consistency of the action you've chosen.

That's it. 

Note, if you don't have the belief that it's possible for YOU, everything else will not work. It will be invisible to you, or seem impossible. So work on that before anything else.

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  • Guess who lost a kilo! Its working
  • No, I don't. All energy is neutral, how you code it depends on your judgements and beliefs about it. Negative and positive are judgements, not absolutes.
  • By energy, do you mean positive energy?

  • nevilles method! ive been using this :)
  • Your permission slip/technique is the motion you use to indicate and solidify your intent. Nothing works or doesn't work of its own accord if you don't have the other factors, because there isn't really cause and effect, that's a belief system we use that fits into our linear time construct.

    Find your "technique" that works within your belief system and do it.
  • what do you mean by a action to reinforces your intent?

    also do you have any examples?

  • It isn't a method, it's what i've distilled out of everything i've absorbed and practiced.

    These are the basics. :)

    • Someone posted a thread yesterday or day before with a very similar structure that comes from neville. law of attraction for you! thankyou for sharing.
    • Don't get attached to reading, start your practicing!

    • You're right, I'm getting very atttached to reading instead of practicing.. 
      So, like, where & how do I start? I kind of have no idea.
      I'll start by giving up the mirror and rarely looking at it. Then I'll meditate in the morning and cell talk and visualise my face (from someone else's perspective). Then I'll believe and let it go. 
      Is that right? 

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