The Basics.

This is what you need to get what you want.

1. A clear intent.

2. An.action that reinforces that intent.

3. The belief it's possible for YOU.

4. ENERGY. Energy makes it possible to do work, and anything we do in terms of shifting to another state is work.

5. Consistency of the action you've chosen.

That's it. 

Note, if you don't have the belief that it's possible for YOU, everything else will not work. It will be invisible to you, or seem impossible. So work on that before anything else.

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  • So true im doing the whole cell talking thing and think this (4 me) goes hand to hand with it all.

    1. A clear intent (a clear instruction 4 the cells)
    2. Belief its possible (feel this is the one I get most stuck on but when I dont it works like a miracle)
    3. Action that reinforces (cell talking).
    4. Energy (for me after I instruct and shift my energy to something else other then thinking about it then it works.)
    5. Consistency( ct every hour or so)

    Hopefully I got the right message now lol if I havent do explain but thanks 4 this. :)
  • thanks for sharing. its good sometimes to back to 'start point' ;)
  • This isn't a technique, it's the basic elements of what you need to get results. The techniques are the "action" part. But they won't accomplish anything without the other aspects.

  • A better question would be, does pretending you have what you want feel good or bad? And that requires honesty.

    If the answer is "bad", then find another method, cuz that's not going to get you any results.

  • This is stupid probably and I get what saying. But if you want a diff body do you need to buy new clothes or can you just act confident? Even tho I have a certain way I want to look, I get cold and still wish to wear longsleeve shirts.
  • I've found something different from merlin forums, 
    "You see, we think that the steps to attract a new goal are to THINK (Pillar #1) and FEEL (Pillar #2) about already having the goal and then create a new BELIEF (Pillar #3) and then TAKE ACTION (Pillar #4) but all these steps according to him confirms to our CM and SM that we do NOT have the goal... yet.

    They believe, “if I do this and that, then I can feel this and that, then I will believe this and that, and then I can be this and that.” In the context of pure, physical, 3-D reality, it does work this way. “If I study law (action), I can be a lawyer (identity).” In the 4-D reality of consciousness-as-cause, one would first take on the identity of the lawyer (identity), automatically attract information on the subject (beliefs), feel like it (emotions), and then act on it and from it (action). "
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  • ;]

  • You are asking me if you can do it, and now i'm saying you can't. You don't have the right attitude. If you actually believed it was possible, you wouldn't look for proof that it isn't. So i'll leave you in your limbo. Keep wondering.

  • The fuck do you think? I can't give you faith in things you haven't experienced. If you have to ask you're probably not ready anyways.
  • There is no "growing taller", looking at it from that angle is what makes it impossible to do because of these stupid group beliefs. You are gathering energy to shift to a version of yourself that Is already the height you want. Stop asking other people and start doing.
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