The Law of Attraction Isn't Real.... GET OVER IT!

I've struggled for over  a year to get this stupid law of attraction to work in my favor. ITS NEVER WORKED, ITS NOT GOING TO, GET OVER IT AND LIVE YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've finally realized how redicoulous this is. I did a simmilar post to this earlier but then was stupid enough to get sucked back into believing this nonsense. If youre ugly, than fine, deal with it, dont let it ruin your life, coming here will only make you depressed. Just get over it and move on. I'm not attractive, and I'm just accepting that as a fact of my existense and moving on. I will forever look unattractive, and im accepting that now. 

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  • Leaving this group for a while might actually help. not because it´s all nonsense but because its stressful when you want to believe something you can't at this moment. don´t force yourself. just tell yourself it might work but right now you are just torturing yourself with what seems like false hopes in your mind. your worries just become bigger and bigger. allow yourself to maybe come back to this at some time . in a few years. whatever. i am so happy with my life right now i have so many things to live for and to enjoy i have no urge to try to be perfect in any of it or burden myself with anything i don´t have to. i have´t been around here for a good time. did´t even use any LOA techniques intentionally. i guess i´ve just learned to turn negative thoughts around in general. hard to tell what i even did exactly. but i stopped trying to make things happen. it´s so obvious to me now that Loa has to be real in some way because of how i always got things i wanted for long in such a perfect unplannable amazingly put together way whenever i was more chill about them happening. felt like i was doing nothing at all minimal effort and i got handed to me on a silver platter exactly what i wanted all along. and no i was not happy all day every day. i just always picked myself back up and kept adjusting my mindset and my choices when thing felt wrong.

    and i got things i have wanted to bad for yeats and years. and as miserable as i was not having them for so long as amazing and perfect they are right now. and yes this includes looks too. i used to be picked on at school for being ugly, then i was maybe average as a teenager but no guy ever paid attention to me i never could figure out what i was doing wrong. now i feel very attractive most days and i get tons of compliments on my looks and body from guys or it´s just obvious they find me attractive. i thought i had the worst genetics when it comes to body shape and turns out i am incredibly lucky with genetics. don´t know what changed it just has. my perspective or my actual looks ? both probably. 

    change is possible. if you stop depending your life on it. start working on different things too. make a choice and watch your life change.

  • Long time no see Saul!

    • Yeah it's been a long time, nice to know you're still around along with so many others. Hope you're doing well, bud.

  • Congratulations on your first breakthrough, Aaron! Now push further into that abyss within you that feels bottomless and you'll discover it's quite shallow. I'm talking about all this pent up frustration towards yourself. You must first cleanse yourself of it before you can possibly expect to have success. You must first begin by being honest with yourself with where you are right now and how far you believe you can go. This will hopefully bring you to your knees. You'll have a hatred for yourself that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. But as you continue in your honesty, setting up home in this new mental state, you'll quickly find out it means nothing. You'll realise that it isn't as bad or scary as you thought, you'll look in the mirror and realise things aren't as bad as you think they are, and if they are you won't care.

    Start now by accepting you'll forever be unattractive and that you've given up trying to make anything happen. The reason you're in so much pain is because you've denied this aspect of yourself. You haven't released it. The only way to release it is to experience it, understand it, and empathise with it. Once you can see it for what it truly is it will vanish. 

    Here is a decent parable to better illustrate the point:

    Once upon a time in an Ethiopian village, there lived a boy who was so shy and fearful of the world around him that his family called him Miobe, frightened one.

    "Why do you call me that?" the boy asked his grandfather.

    The old man laughed. "Because you are afraid," he answered. The boy's grandmother, his mother, his father and the neighbors said the same thing.

    Miobe pondered these words and decided he must find a way to conquer fear, and that night when everyone was fast asleep, he packed a sack and set off into the world to find out what he feared and to conquer it.

    That night he slept under the wide umbrella of sky and stared up at the darkness. Before drifting off, he whispered to himself, "I see you, but I will conquer you, fear."

    He fell asleep wrapped in his blanket, but at midnight the wolves began to howl.

    The sound woke Miobe, but instead of running away, he walked toward the sound, saying aloud, "I will conquer you, fear."

    He walked until the sun began to rise, and when he saw its golden orb, he smiled with relief, for he had survived the first night. "I am becoming brave," he said as he walked on. Soon he came to a village, and for a moment he thought, "I don't know these people at all. They might be unkind to a stranger."

    But he straightened up and walked right into the village, saying aloud, "I will conquer you, fear."

    He walked into the village square, and there he found the village elders gathered, muttering among themselves. As Miobe came near, they looked up and sneared, "Who are you?"

    "I'm traveling the world to become brave," Miobe answered.

    The elders laughed. "Fool! No one can find bravery where it does not exist."

    "What do you mean?" Miobe asked.

    The elders sighed unhappily. "We are finished," said one old man. "Our village is being threatened by a monster up on the mountain."

    Miobe followed the old man's gaze to the top of the mountain.

    "See him, there," the old man said.

    Miobe squinted. He did not want to insult the man, but he saw nothing there.

    "Look," said another man. "See? It has the head of a crocodile. A monstrous crocodile!"

    "And his body is as horrible as a hippopotamus. A gigantic hippopotamus!"

    "It's like a dragon!" another man cried, "with fire shooting from its snout!"

    Now Miobe began to see the monster. He began to see the smoke and fire, the wrinkled skin, the fiery eyes. "I see," he said, but silently he promised himself he would not be afraid. So he walked away from the elders, into the village proper.

    Everywhere people cowered. The little children hid inside, refusing to go to school. "If the children go outside," the women said, "the monster will come down from the mountain and eat them. Everyone knows monsters eat children."

    The farmers hovered inside their doorways, hoes and rakes in hand; outside their horses stood unharnessed. "We cannot work," they told Miobe. "If we go into the fields, the monster will come down and get us."

    Miobe saw wandering goats, sheep and cows out at the edge of the village, but no one came to milk the animals or tend to them. No one planted crops. Few left their homes, preferring to hide indoors.

    "The monster is as big as 10 barges!" they whispered among themselves as Miobe listened. "The monster is going to destroy us!"

    Finally Miobe decided it was up to him to destroy the monster. "I wish to conquer fear," he announced, "and so I shall go slay the monster!"

    "No, son, don't do it!" the elders cried. Mothers gathered to try to shield the young man from harm. Fathers shook their heads and warned, "You will die."

    Miobe shivered and his heart fluttered, but he was determined. "I must conquer fear!" he said, and he set off.

    At the base of the mountain, he looked up and felt a chill of fear run down his spine. That monster looked even bigger and fierier than any dragon, fiercer than a whole pack of wolves or a nest of snakes. He remembered the days when he had been afraid. He took a deep breath and began to climb.

    As he climbed, he looked up, but now he saw the monster seemed to be growing smaller.

    "How peculiar," he said aloud. "My eyes are deceiving me."

    He continued to climb.

    When he was halfway up, he looked again. He squinted, shielding his eyes, but the monster's eyes no longer seemed so fierce, and the flames no longer shot from its snout.

    "The closer I get, the smaller he looks," Miobe said puzzlingly. He continued to climb, though now he pulled his dagger from his sack so that he would be prepared.

    As he came around a bend in the path, he saw the summit before him. He gasped. The monster had disappeared.

    Miobe turned and looked behind him. Surely the creature was going to sneak up from behind to attack. But when he turned, he saw nothing. He heard nothing. He held his breath. He looked left. He looked right.

    He continued to climb.

    At long last he reached the summit and all was empty and quiet. Nothing was there.

    Suddenly he heard a sound at his feet. He looked down and saw a little creature, just like a toad with wrinkled skin and round, frightened eyes.

    He bent down and picked it up. "Who are you?" he asked. "How did you become so small?" But the monster said nothing, and so he cradled it in his hand and walked down the mountain.

    When he reached the village, the people cried, "He's safe!" and they surrounded him.

    Miobe held out his hand and showed them the tiny wrinkled toad. "This is the monster," he said.

    "What is your name?" asked the elder. The creature croaked, and the elder looked up at the crowd and said, "Miobe has brought us the monster. Its name is fear." ~ Source

    Until we confront our fears they always seem so much bigger than they really are. Nothing is ever as bad as we think. Once you can feel comfortable where you are, your results will start to come. You have "struggled for over a year" with the Law of Attraction, try breezing through a year of it instead. Don't take yourself so seriously, be honest with yourself, and remind yourself "I wouldn't want my best friend to treat me like this, so I won't treat him that way either". You should be your own best friend. Being your own worst enemy means you'll always struggle and sabotage everything you really want.

    Whether you follow the Universal Laws or not doesn't concern me, but you'll enjoy life so much more at the very least if you embrace this philosophy.

  • This 100%

  • It sounds like you were too attached to the results you want/ed. Furthermore you could really use a boost of confidence, self love, and self-esteem.

    I for one am not totally confident that LOA as generally described works completely, however I do think that the intentions are positive. I have achieved everything I set my mind to, however I was not lost in those thoughts (which I think happens to some people)

    So maybe you are unhappy about your appearance, however I challenge you to do what you can and find those things you are happy about. Your appearance can't possibly be the only thing that matters in your life, I challenge you to go after something that feels tangible to you and allow yourself to be your best self.

    (Also I don't find people unattractive because of their experience, but their attitude, determination, drive, ambition, motivation, so many other things besides appearance that makes appearance seem rather small in comparison to the many other pillars os "attractiveness")  

    With my best intentions.

  • It Works, but there is two components to make it Works, which is intention and detachment, most peoples try doing only the first while staying with the same beliefs and this prevent the intention come to physical reality.

    But this can Works without belief too, you intend and then dont think more about what you intended,  that way the thing you want will come because you are not blocking it with a milion contradictory  thoughts.

    The power is real, peoples just dont know how use it consciously.

  • Do you need us to agree with you? I don't get the point to this. You couldn't get the law to work so it doesn't work to all?

    I've seen enough pictures to believe. Your personal results are not all people's results. If it was that easy someone would do it by chance. You want to accept your unattractiveness? I thought of that too but now I ask myself why I'm unattractive. And I start seeing some connection between my way of life, my thoughts and my looks. Looking myself in the mirror now I see the ugliness inside, the fear, the weakness and the false opinion of how nice I am. If it wasn't that quest I'd be lying to myself of how unfair the world is and how bad people are to my pure soul. LOA is not a power that can be figured out or proved. It's something that you apply by faith - this is where you're failing.

  • I honestly have no idea how you can go on believing its real. you told me about "successes" you had. I don't know what to believe about 'em. All I can go buy is my experience, and after more than a year i can say the LOA is bs. What if you had an acne medication and were trying it for more than a year and decided to quite cause it wasnt doing anything, that would seem logical, whats not logicla is what many people do, convince themselves it is actually capapble of working. LOA cant work, its not real, its best to get over it, no matter how ugly u r.

    • "All I can go buy is my experience"

      ^^^^Exactly!!! The experience of LOA and Biokinesis NOT working is YOUR experience.

      My question is what do you GAIN by trying to convince other people it won't work for them or is not real? What is in this for you? What satisfaction do you get from making these threads? lol

      I swear this is the third pathetic, defeated, negative thread you've made in this group.

      Desperation, lack of faith and a negative/defeatist attitude won't get you far in life. Remember that.

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