The Law of Attraction Isn't Real.... GET OVER IT!

I've struggled for over  a year to get this stupid law of attraction to work in my favor. ITS NEVER WORKED, ITS NOT GOING TO, GET OVER IT AND LIVE YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've finally realized how redicoulous this is. I did a simmilar post to this earlier but then was stupid enough to get sucked back into believing this nonsense. If youre ugly, than fine, deal with it, dont let it ruin your life, coming here will only make you depressed. Just get over it and move on. I'm not attractive, and I'm just accepting that as a fact of my existense and moving on. I will forever look unattractive, and im accepting that now. 

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    • "All I can go buy is my experience"

      ^^^^Exactly!!! The experience of LOA and Biokinesis NOT working is YOUR experience.

      My question is what do you GAIN by trying to convince other people it won't work for them or is not real? What is in this for you? What satisfaction do you get from making these threads? lol

      I swear this is the third pathetic, defeated, negative thread you've made in this group.

      Desperation, lack of faith and a negative/defeatist attitude won't get you far in life. Remember that.

    • IM SO SPONTANEOUS! I just want it to work. I don't really wanna give up but that seems like the only option I have cause it's just not working for me.
    • If you read some of the threads in this group you'd discover that depending on how far away the person is from how they want to look it can take UP TO THREE YEARS to get results.

      If you're super impatient then you need to fake it until you make it. Dye your hair and tan your skin for a start. At least until it manifests you will look in the mirror and see some of what you want which will keep the discouragement away.

  • Here we go again...lmaoooo

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