The Tips and Tricks

SO I was thinking for a while, we don't have a post about the little tips and tricks we use to get ourselves at the vibration of our desire. I want this to help people realize that they already have their desire, even if they can't see it yet! So here it is!


Anyone can post any sort of trick they use

BUT this is a positive post!

No negatives, no limiting beliefs.

Here are some of mine:

Hair Color

1) Wear colors that make your hair look lighter/darker/redder/blonder or whatever you want! I wanted redder hair so I wore a lot of gray, green, black, and blue. My goodness it worked because now my hair is definitely way more red than it was.

2) Buy products and care for your hair the way you would with your desired color. You would probably want it looking great all the time, so brush it often, buy nice shampoo, and give it some love! Spend time loving and grooming it, I used coconut oil on it to tame the frizz and deep condition it and it looks much nicer now!

Eye Color

1) If you're a girl, wear makeup for your new eye color! If you're on the way to green eyes, wear purple eyeshadow as it looks amazing with green eyes. Blue eyes? Browns look amazing!

2) Again, wear clothing that would look good with your eye color! Black is always a good color since it makes everything (hair, eyes, skin) appear lighter!


1) If you are having trouble with a mental image of your new height, maybe invest in some insoles that make you feel even just an inch taller, because then you will be able to grow that inch, and then wear the insoles and you'll grow another inch.... All the way to whatever height you like! Remember, baby steps! Unless you have super strong faith, you most likely will see more growth if you imagine growing inch by inch rather than an 8 inch jump. But it all depends on you!


1) Start buying clothes in your new size! I wanted to gain weight as I was really thin and personally didn't like how I looked, I wanted Curves! So i started buying jeans, shorts, and skirts from thrift stores (where they are really cheap) in the next size up.. then when that size fit.. I bought another size up.. In US Women's sizes I went from a 2 to a 4 to a 6 and now currently at an 8 (sometimes a 10 if the sizes run small). But for me, like with height, I couldn't imagine going from a 2 and suddenly jumping to an 8... so I took baby steps, one size at a time and I got exactly what I wanted!

Certain Parts:

1) I wanted wider hips, thought they looked nicer than slim ones, so I started to walk like I had wider hips! How? I would swing my hips side to side a little more as I walked. 

2) I would also tell myself things like "Man I hope these pants fit on my hips!" or "Gosh I always bump into that table with my hips!" They might not be positive affirmations but they are things that girls with wide hips deal with everyday. I made my desire feel ordinary! Which made it feel easier to believe I already had it.

I will be editing this post as often as I can when I think of other things I do!

Breathing technique to speed up manifesting! :)

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  • I'm 18. By around 6 inches around. Also increased my bust and booty lol and minimized my waist. I did it the way I would attract any other desire

    • Thank you. I asked because I wanted to see if you were around puberty age. I know this can work because a few years ago when I was 24 but thighs butt and hips were huge. I've always had big boobs and was too skinny all over. I think I started visualizing that I was hourglass and let it go so I got thicker. How're now I'm back to being on the smaller side -_-
    • Lol I know how you feel! I was always a very thin hourglass shape and just wanted.. more sand in my hourglass :P Ask any questions you want to! Just don't succumb to the limiting beliefs that age matters. It doesn't!

    • I wonder what else have you manifested?

    • money, a new iphone, a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, the truck I wanted, concert tickets, a great guitar, great friends, perfect grades, overall beauty, and happiness. 

    • Fantastic!! I know you have given some tips and tricks here for manifesting but what is your main technique for manifesting the great relationship and perfect grades for example. Do you keep the technique the same no matter what you are trying to get ie body or relationships etc?

    • Yeah same thing. LOA works in the same way no matter what you are manifesting. I would say "I am" affirmations and they work great for me. I also use the basic LOA technique--set my intention, know it's mine, and let it come into fruition. I honestly find it astounding that people will say "yes anything is possible but how do you do it." the fundementals of LOA state the HOW doesn't matter. Whether you visualize, affirm, meditate... It doesn't matter. The how doesn't matter. You just believe that it's yours. BELIEF is the only thing that matters. Not what routine you use.
    • Yassssz! Girl! Thank you for sharing! 

  • By how much were you able to increase your hip width. I'm trying to increase my hips and breast and minimize my waist. How old are you btw?

  • That's great! I'm so happy for you! And thank you, I'm glad that I can help others in an way :)

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