The Truth about Negativity

First and foremost...Either you believe something, or you dont believe something. The Sky is blue,yes? Right? Ok, so if someone tells you the sky is red (something you dont believe), would you get offended by that? Moreover, would you be afraid that the sky will stop being blue because someone else said otherwise?


So why is trying to manifest something going to be affected by someone else's supposedly negative comment, or perspective? Well...

BECAUSE YOUR BELIEF THAT YOU CAN DO IT IS WEAK TO BEGIN WITH. And to me, that makes no sense, because some of you have already managed to achieve some degree of success. But suspiciously, the people that REALLY seem to have succeeded seem to leave...I wonder why...

Could it be that their vibration changed to such an extent that they can no longer hang out with people that dont really believe in their own abilities anymore? Thats crazy...But anyway back to where we are now:

The law of attraction is very simple,right? You attract what is INSIDE. But how do you know whats inside?! Because it shows up OUTSIDE. And not only that, but when it shows up outside, it resonates, which creates an emotional reaction on your part.

So if it actually bothers you for someone to say something negative, remember that you did attract it, because that doubt/negativity is inside. If you actually had the right belief systems, you might SEE the doubt coming from someone else, but it would not RESONATE, so its like the red sky, you would not FEEL offended,or hurt, or threatened.

Does this make sense?

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  • belief needs practice.

    I read somewhere that to change or plant a new subconscious mind needs 21days.

  • :D

  • This makes sense. Though I feel like most ppl who left said they wanted to act or model. Correct me if im wrong but I can see why theyed leave. There is still the do whats right for you aspect. There is also a great quote about sometimes ppl leave people so they can learn to stand on own feet. People who are still on site are meant to be. I personally have learned lots from everyone.
  • I feel like changing physical appearance isn't something people who are new to LOA should expect to be able to do easily. Learn the basics first, before you attempt something that you know you have loads and loads of resistance around. 

  • Zero the ifinite

    Yes, its true BUT almost everyone who starts out has shaky belief system in the beginning, especially when you are new to LOA so it is important to have a support system that raises your spirits . Rome wasnt build in one day, its a process. 

  • Yes it makes sense. Perfect

  • Yes, that is it.

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