• Fantastic. That really is quite the difference. And props for keeping at it for 8 months straight.

    And all  you do is just visualize and act it through? I think that is my favorite part of this - that you used just the basic general advice that we all know, and you trusted it and trusted yourself and stuck with it. I really hope you end up getting even better results than you expected :D

  • really? her nose looks completely different to me in the second picture... it's softer and the shape is different and it's more upright. i don't think a difference like that can be made through lighting. it doesn't look that much different from the front because it already looks good but i still think it's an amazing change

  • Sorry guys I'm new here. Why can't I see any pictures :((
  • That could be the lighting... but I really don't see much of a difference at all... can you post some more pictures?

  • Amazing progress! Congrats! and thanks for sharing the pics with us and strengthening our beliefs! :) When you say you visualize yourself doing everyday things, do you visualize  in first person view or 3rd person? Like you see your whole face during your visualization or you see it in first person view? and if you visualize in first person view then how do you see those changes as you cannot see your face? Thanks!

  • Hi Kiki!!
    Heartiest congrats for the progress. I read that but couldn't find pics :(
  • Maya to make something clearer I meant visualize myself doing everyday things with the wanted change not visualize while doing them.
  • Just visualize myself with the wanted change in my everyday life interacting with people and just doing everyday things; It makes it feel more real and at reach, after that I completely let go. Also one tip, when negative thoughts and beliefs emerge I don't argue with them I just stop them and let them fade. Hope that helps.
    • Incredible progress, hop you reach your desired outcome. When you say you stop negative thoughts, you don't judge them? you let them be take their course and pass? or just shift your focus entirely?

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