Tips and/or success stories on changing physical appearance?

So I’ve been trying to change my appearance for a few years now, and I think I’m just starting to get the hang of it since reading Neville Goddard’a books. I’ve heard about the law of attraction a million times for many years (since I was 13; I’m 21 now) but he really helped me understand and feel successful with it before even manifesting anything major. 

I was wondering if anyone who has been successful in manifesting a physical change could give me some tips, processes to try, or any other success stories? I’m basically just trying to believe it so much so that it feels real, and let it go. I’m not trying to do anything other than feel better about the subject, know that I am the change I wish to have, and let my body take its course. I think hearing other success stories about physical changes via law of attraction would be the most helpful for me in keeping the doubt away and my mind focused on the idea that it is done and has happened already. I want to find the best, good feeling and fun processes and ideas to make this easier.

I was on this site a long while ago and have seen a few good success stories with lots of details and pictures— if anyone knows where they are, please let me know!

Thank you! 

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  • I'm not sure if this will help since it's dependent on age and for the purpose of increasing my height and overall size. Without knowing what physical changes you want, it may not be helpful.

    When I was trying to make myself taller at first, I had trouble convincing myself that I was a taller height. My height did not increase. I rethought this and since I'm 18 I thought I could convince myself that I'm still growing. That's much more possible and likely. It doesn't have the drawbacks of trying to convince myself that I'm a particular height. It has worked. I have gotten taller, more muscular, and all around bigger.

    Hope this helps.
  • The only way you can have more belief and trust in changing your appearance is by you trying and finding your our ways. Afterall there is no specific way or path to reach a certain change. feel like you already changed and persist on that feeling. That is it. you also have to understand that the more you search other peoples success stories or ways /techniques the more you ll go after that. IT will not help you build trust only you can through your own experience.

    so please dont wait for anything or anyone start applying what you know and see the changes for yourself. Even if you fail 2 or 3 times you ll learn something that doesnt work and you find your own way what resonates with you. This is the only way to mastery.

    bless you .

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