Treat Yourself like A King/Queen!

What I mean by that is, treat yourself as if you are special, precious... Take excellent care of yourself. Spoil yourself.This will help you change your appearance.Why's that? Because you are treating yourself with LOVE. Self love holds the power, always.I feel like a lot of people who are LOA believers - also suffer with what I call - Good Person Syndrome. Only they aren't very good to themselves.What I mean by that is, most LOA believers, in my expierence - are so sweet, so kind, so amazing towards others yet - they neglect themselves. Always sacrificing themselves, their wants, their needs - for others, for the sake of being caring, for the sake of being a *good person.*It's time you put YOURSELF first!Tend to yourself.Tend to your needs.Do cute little sweet things for yourself.I know most of us haven't acquired our millions yet ;)Or our perfect image.Or our perfect romance.It doesn't matter.Do what you CAN do for you, right now. Even one little thing everyday will make all the difference. Make time for you. At the very least make sure all of your NEEDS are taken care of - make sure you are well fed, dressed in ways that make you feel attractive, sleep well, create a happy expierence each day etc.If there's something in your life that you feel that you HAVE to do - but really don't WANT to do... Maybe you're doing it because you don't want to look bad, you don't want to hurt someone's feelings or you're just doing it for practical reasons.....Don't do it!Blow it off and do something special for you instead.Go buy yourself something new. Or watch a good movie. Or pamper yourself. Make yourself your favorite meal. Give yourself a facial. Have a foot bath. Go to your favorite resturant, get take out - buy yourself a fricking donut! Whatever! It doesn't matter what it is. Focus on YOU.And if there is something "practical" that you feel obligated to do, even something small like washing the dishes - do something for you first that you do enjoy. Listen to your favorite song, pour yourself a glass of wine, watch your favorite show, call a friend...something that feels like you are taking care of you. Then go do your chore lolYou are precious. Treat yourself as if you are because you are! Every little thing about you, treat yourself as if you are worth your weight in diamonds.If someone close to you is annoying you - don't stick around just because you are afraid to hurt their feelings. Be true to your feelings and tend to your feelings as if it's important, as if its a priority. Even if you think it's something small - its not. Because if you let the little things build up - you will create a mountain of ill feelings.Just tell them something like, "You know what? I feel like you really need a friend right now and I'd love to help you out but I'm just feeling stressed right now and I need to take a shower." --- lol or whatever you need to do to relax.Take care of yourself before you take care of others. Fill yourself up with Self Love. Once you are over flowing yourself with that love, you will have MUCH more love to give to others and of a higher quality too. You won't need to give others ALL of you to help them, just a little bit of your love, care, company will help. Quality over quantity.Give only what feels GOOD to give. Never give out of sacrifice or out of wanting to be a good person. You already are, you don't need to prove it. It oozes out of you to begin with...why do you think people come to you??If you give when your Self Love "tank" is running on empty, what will you have left for yourself???? That's why so many of the kindest, most gentle, most sweetest people do so much good for others yet always end up feeling drained & depressed.If you are running on empty, how can you create/manifest/attract successfully???? You won't.Put you FIRST!Self love ALWAYS.You are a queen, a king, a prince, a princess and the Universe is your loyal servant. The "Universe" will treat you the way you treat yourself.If you treat yourself as if you are the most important thing on the planet.... The Universe will treat you the same. If you don't...well...Why do you think even jerks are able to achieve so much? Because they love themselves and treat themselves & see themselves as being the best thing ever. LolYou can do the same. Little by little train yourself to put you first! That's your job. It's the only REAL job you have in this world. And don't feel guilty about it either. You are worth it. Do not dismiss this, "yaa I'll do that but..." No buts! Do it! Do not dismiss this. Do not let this message go in one ear and out the other. It's the most important thing.Like I said, the little things add up & will create a mountain. Let it be a mountain of love & happiness that you stand upon and not a mountain of ill feelings & dead weight holding you down.❤

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  • This is so uplifting! Thank you!! 

  • My brain is doing somersaults and a happy dance- SIMULTANEOUSLY! 

  • I love perfumes , skin care and makeup lol.  I practically live at Sephora its my way of feeling great. this is so true

  • You're so right about the Good Person Syndrome; I thought a lot of us LOA people suffer from this too :P we always end up punishing ourselves either for not being a good enough person if we treat ourselves better, or for being unable to manifest what we want if we don't treat ourselves better.

    Everything you've written so far resonates with me so well! The methods you have given works well for me too. Thank you Johanna!

    Samuela :)

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