undoing a change

If I changed the color of my natural hair color or eye color or skin color, would i be able to reverse or undo my change and get back my exact original? By looking at an old photo it would only show the color in that light and everything so how would I do it? Plus if the original color was unique or a mix the original isn't just "blue" or something.

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  • Your simple idea/intention is what creates the blueprint. Your higher self knows what you're talking about. 

    It's like when you visualize, you're not getting the exact same blurry/distorted image your mind's eye produces. Of course it's better to be specific with what you want, but you shouldn't worry about getting something less than what you expect. 

  • Why change if you only want to change back after? The answer is of course you can, but that just sounds like extra work just to say "yeah i could do it".

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