• Buy philips lumea its the most amazing product i hardly have a hair on my legs now. It costs around 400 pounds but worth every penny .You can use in the comfort of your own home i highly recommend it. Manifest money to buy this you wont be disapointed.

  • On the forum I linked to, they taped pieces of paper with words pertaining to what they wanted onto water bottles. Like one woman taped a piece of paper with the words "big breasts" written on it. I don't remember what the guy from the Steve Pavlina forum did unfortunately. Anything that makes you associate the water with what you want is okay I think.

  • wow omg lol. im dying this is so funny. 

    NO JOKES THO need's technique

    • Same here! Would love to know exactly what she does. I think it must be all about her absolute belief in the client's desired condition.

  • Wow H, that's really nice! Keep us updated :)

  • Wow thanks Eternity, that's interesting! I've also heard from other sources that water has healing properties because of it's high vibrational frequency.

  • Lol that's for her 5 day course. I have no idea how much she charges for a treatment! But it's still inspiring that it can be done. If she can do it, so can anyone right?

  • This is my major problem in my body. I would pay these 4k if the woman can clean my all body.

  • Thanks for the link

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