• Lol xD You're welcome

  • I've noticed slowed growth in the past few days. I said to myself 'I'm not hairy anymore and I won't accept anything less' i have noticed a small change in only a few days.
  • Ha, enjoy :DD

  • A couple of years ago, on the Steve Pavlina forum (which has been closed / deleted now), this guy said he put an intention into water to lose body hair in certain areas. He drank the water and, the next or one day, I can't remember which, he was in the shower and as he bathed, his body hairs began to fall out. He said at first he was really thrilled and excited, but then he started doubting and questioning things and the hair came back. Here's an old forum where an admin seemed to take all of the posts from a prior forum about changing physical appearance, and put it in one place. The people in this forum talk about using water to create physical changes: (our group is mentioned there too). They talk about other things as well, so I think it's worth taking a look. It's quite long though so brace yourself. :D

  • Lawl 4000$

    U can remove all your hair in your body with 2000$ with laser.....

  • Cost: $4000 + 5% GST


  • Just read about this energy healer named Lily Chandra who claims to be able to remove unwanted hair, thicken hair, and even reshape facial structures just by touching, amazing!

  • What about the opposite thing :D grow some wanted hair along the body. :D

  • Thought about this just yesterday :D

  • Same here
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