Very powerful biokensis/imagntion techinque to change DNA

This Technique/Transformation is very very dangerous if not done properly. Imagine your genes in a big bubble, if you can't imagine this just imagine a big bubble inside of you with little lines in the bubble moving at a very very fast pace. Now Concentrate your energy in the shape of a needle. Now your Ki needle thats inside your body should have ki in your needle. Now, HERES THE TRICKY PART. Tell the ki what you want to change in your genes. Like if you want to be more stronger more faster or change your hair color. Now, inject the needle inside the bubble and imagine your bubble is glowing and visualize your genes combining with your ki. Make sure the hole you made is covered with some ki cause if not the genes that made you who you are will slowly leave you

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  • I never did this but ppl get it right in short time, I'm not say it can't be risky but it doesn't have to be. I thought if u think it is, it is. It's like visualization but putting effort into move your energy. I'm too lazy. Every psionics exercise ppl say is dangerous, if I wanted to do bad enuf I'd just do. My issue is I'm lazy, and if there's a good method tht doesn't need be learned I'd just do it. It all boils down to thoughts about instant gratification, and if u believe wht others tell you. Altho y do i think I did this b4. And I have no proof if worked yet. Oddly it takes me a lot to feel like I'm aware of moving own energy in body. When I used to do psionics I would use mind, and I'd get result... so I suppose the dive right in is ok. But what I tried I won't kno if worked for long time. It wasn't something u can see on outside of body
  • How can I learn more about this technique?

  • What is this technique actually called? I'm really interested in "forbidden" techniques!

  • I've heard this technique can mess up with your DNA if not done properly with skills.
  • I've heard this technique can mess up with your DNA if not done properly with skills.
  • I don't really reccomend this technique, It's as effective as regular visualization and belief. 

  • Why do you say it's risky? What did you attempt to change? 

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