visualize with the help of photomanipulations

 Hello everyone, for some time now I've been making photomanipulations of mine an my friends' dream looks.... It is much easier to build an image of yourself looking differently if you have a few photos in front of your eyes where you look the way you want..

I use photoshop for that purpose and I would love to try my best to make you look beautiful for free ( I am still learning but i think i am good at that and i want to get better)..It really feels flatterng and makes you feel closer to the dream life.. You can check out some examples of what i do at

Still, my observations about changing physical appearance for real are that you should change something in your personality or your perception of yourself to achieve it. It is unbelievable how some people become so beautiful for a few months if they gain more slef confidence or start some new desired job.. I've seen it many times how some friends' of mine features literally change and they turn into sexy attractive women. And you wonder  how did that happen? She used to be so plain.. it's all in our heads :)

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  • Hi LHW

    Can you explain what you mean by the link "in Angie's discussion 'changes'"

    Who is Angie and how do I find the link?

    EDIT: Just seen the post in another thread
  • Maybe all souls are amazing but then some people are very good at hiding their amazingness :)
    • Have you ever witnessed someone's physical appearance changing?
    • Yes I have. I have two girlfriends who used to be looking really ordinary but after they started achieving some success in their lives (in work and in personal relationships) they gained more self-confidence and they started seeing themselves differently - as sexy and successful. They lost weight and their facial features started getting more character and glamor. You can actually say that they have changed because their faces and bodies got much different and more feminine and beautiful than they used to be.
      It is a lot about how one sees him/herself, what inner sense they have for who they are and whether they are someone elegant, classy and beautiful or someone who doesn't enjoy his/her body ...

      Of course some people don't need to be beautiful to feel comfortable in their skin, and that is totally fine.. Here we are talking about people who are maybe a little more vain :) and need the comfort of the healthy and fit body.
  • Thank you :), I've thought of course about vision boards with places and desired things and I can do it too, but I've always had a special interest in appearances and the way your looks and style expresses to a great extend your inner self and at the same time how God gave heavenly bodies and faces to some pretty mediocre souls..

    As for the limitations, I am not sure what exactly is your question but I think reaching your best looks can be hindered by your inner fears and overwhelming frustrations that hold back your way to freedom and love for yourself.
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