Week 3 of Natalie's method

6/29: Hi everyone! I will be doing my journal week-by-week from now on and updating the post daily! Yesterday (6/28) was day 15 so that will be kicking off this week! Also, there is a new, potentially powerfully technique I will be experimenting with today that will enable me to feel the emotions of already having my desired appearance. I'll be mentioning it in the upcoming days if anything noteworthy happens.


Day 15: I haven't been doing constant visualizing but I do it as much as I can. And of course I'm always clearing resistance. Now when I look in the mirror or down at my body I feel almost neutral. The desire to change my appearance has dropped off quite a bit, which I've heard is very normal and happens right before physical manifestation (this is why I may seem less than enthusiastic in my more recent posts). I believe a big change is coming however. I have started to receive unprompted comments from friends and family on my physical appearance telling me that I'm attractive, but nothing specific. It's quite unusual because people rarely comment on my physical appearance! Maybe my aura is changing? I'm not sure. 

Day 16: Today (6/29) I experimented with the new technique I mentioned and the results were very interesting :D I managed to get into theta state and did some light visualizations but it was a bit difficult at first because my mind wasn't able to focus very well. This is normal for the theta state. However the rest day, it was effortless to visualize constantly! At certain parts of the day, I felt this "knowing" that I have my desired appearance already - a feeling I haven't felt that much, except when I felt the magical feeling earlier. Except this time it wasn't this "extremely positive, bouncing off the walls happy" that I have my appearance. It was a general content  and grateful feeling, as if it was obvious and accepted by mind that I already look exactly the way I want to. I consider this a very good sign. It makes sense, because if you're vibrating at the frequency of your desire, you're gonna get used to it while feeling a light happiness over it. As far as the changes in my appearance, I don't notice anything obvious enough to warrant pictures but I KNOW that's coming. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I just "feel" that I don't recognize myself. It's kind of strange but it makes sense. Things are changing on the etheric realm before the physical one. I won't give up until I have my physical manifestation. 

Day 17: Sorry for not updating yesterday. It was the same as Day 16! I will have more to say for tomorrow.

Day 21: Once again, sorry for not updating for a while! I suddenly became quite busy and I also did not want to keep repeating myself unless there was something new to report. Well, good news!...there appears to be some minor yet noticeable changes in some areas of my body and it caught me totally off guard. One of my desired changes was for my knees to be smaller, because they're quite large in comparison to my calves. Pants always have fit me strangely (tight around the knees, loose around the calves). I know I'm not just imagining things because my pants are fitting me differently, and while I've lost weight, I don't think it's just a weight thing. I believe my bone structure has started to alter and other things will be following suit. My theory is since I became busy and not thinking so much about my desire, I was in a state of non-resistance and all the energy I put into manifesting my desired appearance was able to flow effortlessly. No super noticeable changes in my face though, I think that may take some more time because of a greater identification with it for me. 

I think I may just be doing a regularly updated journal instead of daily in order to avoid repeating myself.

On the topic of the method that I'm experimenting with, that may very well have been the catalyst for seeing the changes. I'm definitely gonna share it with you guys once I have everything completely worked out!

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    • Thats very informative, thank you :) 

  • Hi, I know you said you are busy but please try your best to keep updating because its very helpful for all of us. I am trying to resist negative thought now, because I feel like when I get upset over it not manifesting, I feel like I am falling back to the bottom again. Maybe for some people accepting their negative thoughts helped them move on, but I feel like that is not the case for me. I am going to keep thinking positive and that I have my desire all the time, and then hopefully I will detach too, I don't know, I'll see :) 

  • Good! Sorry for not updating the past couple of days, I got extremely busy but I'm gonna be resuming the journal soon. I feel that there are subtle changes happening but until it's obvious on a camera, I won't make any strong claims yet. 

    • Keep going! I'm happy to support and encourage you. I check in every day to see how you're doing. I'm working on the spiritual side of things before I focus on my desired appearance to make sure I am not attached and doing it for ego purposes but purification, betterment, and love for myself. 

  • Hi! Just checking in Shinysara! How are you doing? 

  • Thank you so much!!

  • This is exactly what you need for the changes to happen. When your desire feel ordinary, it is on the verge of manifesting. I am really happy to hear that you are able to get this far, Happy Manifesting!!!!

  • Yes it's been difficult for me too because it takes at least 21 days for the subconscious to accept the new input you're giving it. Plus I haven't been doing it consistently throughout the day. But I do it everyday which is the most important part.

    I both meditate and visualize. The thing I'm experimenting with today is combining both, so that the visualization is accepted by the subconscious instantly. And part of my experiment I'm doing is also trying to feel the emotion of "knowing" that I have my desired appearance - I believe that can rapidly bring about manifestation, and doing that while in the theta brainwave state (subconscious access). I think I figured out a way! I will talk about it later this week.

    • I'm excited to hear it!

  • Great job. Thank you for this. It has been difficult for me to visualize constantly. Did you mention that you meditate and visualize? Or you visualize on the go (Natalie's way)?

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