weight and thoughts, which way to go about it?

hi everyone

I was thinking about cell talk and so I asked my cells to remove the fat in certain area of my body.$but then the thoughts of food kicked in "what should I eat to help my cells" like can I eat anything and they'll still do their work, or should I help them by eating a certain way?

I realise I'm going round and round in circles with this. I mean I do focus on the feeling of being thin and I have lost weight lately but now I'm plateauing, I've even gained some weight because of eating a lot so I'd like to find a belief I can stick to in order to really shift these 5 kilos.

any success?

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  • thank you my friend! that's my ideal weight ahhh I want to weigh about 50!

     what you say makes sense thank you for the tips!

    • You're welcome,Mimi. :-)

      Just keep affirming to yourself daily:  "I feel so happy and grateful that I effortlessly maintain the weight of 50 kilos". 

  • Hi Mimi. :-)

    I can more or less eat whatever I want and remain a constant weight (I'm 5,3" and 48-50 kilos) but I think that one of the secrets is that I eat quite slowly and enjoy the food and then at the moment I feel comfortably full/satisfied, I stop eating. I try make physical comfort my goal - neither letting myself go hungry nor eating to the point of feeling stuffed. It's important even if you are trying to lose weight to avoid nagging hunger because nagging hunger could set you up to overeat later (well that's what happens with me anyway! lol).

    Also I do what a lot of people have said here: I tell myself that the food I am about to eat is going to do me good,that my body will use what it needs and effortlessly eliminate what it doesn't need.

  • Hey, I loved this! "it is what we BELIEVE about food that matters more than what we eat--for instance, if you eat a cookie believing it is bad and wrong and will make you fat-it will.  If you eat, and eat with joy, and tell your cells and body that this food is to nourish and make you strong, it will."

    I think this is exactly true. I know a friend eating junk food all the time. Inspite of this, she is thin and looks like a model. She told me that she hadn't been like this a couple of years ago. She was quite fat and it was really so hard to stop eating junk food for her. Then one day she decided to change her mentality about food. Instead of feeling guilty after eating junk food, she started to be thankful for the food she ate. She said: "I said to myself that everything I eat helped me keep fit and healthy." 

    So it seems this point of view works.

    • this is like ME im always eating fating FOOD ive done this from a young age without knowing the secret i can eat what ever i want and stay thin and so it HAS!! my weight is 132 and im 5'2 but i want to have thicker thighs. so my desired weight is going to be 140 i guess :] so just train yourself thats the thing we all have attachments to different things like mines is my SKIN i think is harder to get because im trained to think since i was little that it cant change. and thats why i think is happening slowlyy.... :( 

    • thanks for your testimonial.

      Im the same size and weigh about 128 pounds but I'm far from being thin. I guess you have a lot of muscles!

    • For a lot of people you are very lucky because you can eat whatever you want and stay thin. Yes you are right, we all have attachments to different things. Weight is not a problem for you but you have problems with your skin. So maybe we should focus on the points that we feel lucky about, be thankful for these things to manifest what we want quickly.

  • yes that makes sense! thank you!

  • thank you Katie!

    Yes I'm very familiar with this, Abraham teaches the same.

    I would not want to eat junk food all the time either. I'm really into organic and whole food, it is more a matter of quantity really and of satiety. it's a mix of different things, god it's so not simple!

  • I am trying to do the same with some amount of success.


    As for cell talking:

      - I tell my cells to burn the fat. Not as much as I would like though.

      - Before eating anything, I thank my cells for maintaining my body in alignment with my thoughts and to continue to do that. This is because that is what cells do, maintain your body with alignment with your thoughts.


    As for eating, the mind will guide you to the best foods possible to help your cells maintain your body in alignment with your thoughts. That is the difference between will power and loa eg: If you see dougnuts, wanting to eat them and you cutting out that desire is "Will power", but not having desire to eat because its not good to your body is LOA working at its best.




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