What are some successful changes you've had?

Doesn't matter if they were changes that would have happened anyways.

1. When I was a kid I had blonde eyebrows. I wanted darker ones. They did darken. 

2. I also wanted bigger boobs. They're now the perfect size for me. Big enough to be kind of above average and easy to amp up, but small enough not to cause back problems or attract too many creeps. 

3. My cheeks are also hollowing out. Seems like the subliminald are working. 

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  • That's cool. Reminds me of when I darkened my eyebrows. When I was nine years old I wanted darker eyebrows. They did darken quite a bit. My dad has nearly invisible eyebrows. I'm thinking that being a kid reduced resistance since I knew puberty could change my appearance a lot.
  • Interesting. I sometimes get complimented on high cheekbones even though I don't actually think I have high cheekbones. That's a change I want to eventually have. Maybe I'm getting those compliments because of contouring. I did once get complimented on my bone structure when I had no makeup on. I'm not sure if they were talking about my large jaw or cheekbones.
  • i listened to this 6 times a day. it's a little tough to listen bcs it's not frequencies but multiple voices speaking simultaneously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7Exq7n9Eok&t=1s

    this is the subliminal affirmations booster i listen to twice before the grow taller subliminal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9ZTLgC7aFs

    however, i've stopped listening to Mind Power subliminals and i'm currently listening to Quadible Subliminal's grow taller formula bcs of all the good results i've heard from their eye color changing formulas. i haven't experienced any changes since i've switched subliminals though but i'm only in my second week.

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  • I changed my eye color from hazel to dark gray. It's the one definite success I've had. I think my hair is getting darker. I'm aiming to change it from light brown to jet black. As for my facial features, I think there's been some change in them, too. It's rather minor, but I'm almost certain there's been change. 

  • - my eyelashes have become longer and thicker. i've been using this mascara that's supposed to have a growth formula but prior to trying loa, there were absolutely no changes. a few days after i started using loa, my eyelashes were just thicker. it wasn't gradual (or maybe i just didn't notice), it just WAS.

    - my main goal is increasing my height and i grew a LITTLE bit taller after listening to subliminals for a few weeks. it's a small amount but noticeable by my family who didn't know i was actively trying to change.

    - i've always wanted a slimmer smaller face as per korean beauty standards lol. i used to have a lot of chub and i still have doubts about my face but a lot of ppl tell me my face is small. i've never received this specific compliment until i started wanting it. but since then, i've heard it from 5 different people. also, my facebook profile pic is maybe a year old but a lot of new people i've recently met say i look like a completely different person and that my face is much slimmer now.

    this is my first time posting on the forum but i hope this gives you some confidence~

  • What technique did you use for height?
  • When I was 13 or 14 ish(I've forgotten), I made my nose smaller. It used to be huge but I got it down to a smaller size. Recently, I've made myself taller.

  • I'm trying to manifest permanent removal or just simple loss of hair from parts of my body where I don't want it to be, and would like that experience to be easy, fast, natural and pleasant. I'm also manifesting weight loss and I'm doing great, my body's looking better and better from day to day, every day my body's looking and functioning more and more the way I want it to, I'll reach my wanted figure and the way I want my body to work really soon, and once I do, I'll just stay there, there won't be need for improvement. There's a couple of more things I'm trying to manifest, but I don't think it would be appropriate to mention them here (guy things, would be kinda too rude to talk about them) ^-^'

  • So far a more hourglass shape, healthier hair and skinny arms
  • that's pretty awesome! how old were you when all that happened? and what are you working on now?

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