what are your goals of physical change ?

what do you guys want to change about your appearance ? and what is your idea of beauty

my goal is to have diferent face /feautures  not because i hate my face but because i love features that i dont have .

on scale how bad do you want changes ?  

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  • Growing taller to 180, but it's not a big deal even if I don't, it would just be nice to grow.

    Getting rid of unwanted body hair and regrowing hair on my head, it started to get thin.

    Losing weight and getting myself to my perfect figure.

    Increasing my privates. I know it's maybe inappropriate to speak about it publicly, but it is on my list.

    I think that should be all of it.

  • - I want to have the pretty and expressive face of an actress.

    - I want to be 165 cm tall.

    - I want narrower, higher cheekbones and a fuller forehead and a more symmetrical face.

    - I want a petite and defined nose with a taller nose bridge.

    Right now, I'm hanging out with people who make me feel good about myself and who get me to focus on having fun instead of appearances. I haven't felt this carefree in a long time so I'm feeling good about it. I don't follow any specific LOA techniques but I want to try being consistent about subliminals (I listen to Dove's on Youtube -- she has really calming ones) but I always forget. We'll see how it goes!!!

  • well i hope you look like the way you did before that disorder 

    the second thing i want to change is my height too, except i want to get shorter .

    there are minor things that i will change after reaching my goals likeskin and  eye color .

    my idea of beauty is a symmetrical face 

  • I too want to have a smaller waist :D 

  • I plan on changing a lot about my body such as a curvier figure (smaler waist and thicker thighs mainly), change eye color, skin, and my jaw line. I think saying "i want it so bad" is a negative sentence because it implies you dont have it and you have to show yourself love to change and know that you already obtained your new self so id say i dont want it bad at ALL. Im doing this because i can and its fun to do so :)
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