• Thanks modesttreasure

    Ahh, that would make sense as I noticed that this group has a different member name at the top.

    Yes, It is a shame that they didn't post on the thread to give somebody else the chance to take it over as so many people contributed. The groups become much bigger than the owners as without our contribution and interest - there would be no groups!

    It would be useful if the moderators could introduce a system where members are informed of a group closure with the chance to take it over, leaving the owner to delete their posts and leave all the information on the forum.

    I don't recall seeing many posts from the owner, so maybe they didn't visit PI much.
    • That's a good idea...let members know when a group is about to close (member leaving) so that someone can take over the postings.
  • I know, this makes me sad...I was getting some great information and really being inspired.
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