• Ummm I gotta add, actually I think evry1 right, the work, working on emotions the self but I really think acting as if is most important and all rest is equal under that but it feeds into that. I kno this isn't loa but I was looking into shape shifting, and not in new bs context, but in old context where u can change looks nd even shift. You all know loa not a old idea. Anyway I asked 1 person on a forum, how does 1 shift into multiple creatures, they said it's perspective, how see. Like if had a certain behavior u could shift into x animal u felt close to. Now loa fits evry area of life, but I think looks are like low grade shifting. Honestly I want to use shift as method to change my body personality and other traits. It's no diff then other methods, I just understand the shift method better
  • I found a new book today about allowing, i'd still argue stuff is a mixed bag cuz allowing works, but if anything were magic pill wed have 100 percent perfect life 100 percent of time. I can't yet paraphrase cuz I'm not done with book tho. But I do like what reading. My big issue is clothing. I see how should be so well tht yes I do focus exercises but my desired looks are so ingrained now, but I can't get past clothing bit
    I believe acting as if have includes tht. Nd I now kno I'm doing stuff to my body I kno tht it hates. I'll sort it out I kno but umm... hmm I'll just keep at
  • These two quotes came to mind when I saw your post. Hope it helps.

    "How do you know when you're attached to a goal? If you find yourself obsessing and worrying about the goal as opposed to being enthused and enjoying thinking about it, you're attached. You're attached when you believe that in order to be happy, you must reach this goal."

    "When you’re detached from the outcome, you aren’t worried about how fast things are happening. You trust that everything is working out for the best and that the things that you desire come to you at the perfect time."

    Calling them your old features is a good thing though, although I would just focus on what it would feel like if you already had the features. The feelings are what counts, the state of already having the facial features you would prefer, not the perception you have of the person staring back at you in the mirror. Focus on what it would feel like if you would put make-up on your desired face or how you would feel in general with your desired features. Ask yourself “What would you see and do were it true? How would you feel? How would people respond to you?”, imagine it while you ask yourself.

    Although it'll take practice to make the final pivot, but make that feeling the dominant thought and bask in it (and not coming from a place of desperation (wanting), attachment or having to force it. But feeling relieved, light and especially grateful and that it’s not a big deal that you already look the way that you desire).

    You could also revise afterwards and imagine that you were putting make-up on your desired face, while releasing or leaving (forgetting) the bad feelings out of it. Put no significance to your old features and (dare to) believe that it's already a done deal, and that it always has been.

  •  OMG, YOU GUYS after I wrote this comment I wen  on my  youtube to check out my daily videos, since I am subscribed to some channels. And I swear literally, I had 2 videos on FOCUS , concentration and removing distractions. And this is 2 minutes after I wrote the comment.LIKE WTH???/ TALK ABOUT Synchronicity , we create all the times,  this is some crazy stuff. What were the odds really? One was Abraham video and another beauty channel that had absolutely nothing to do with focus and she posted a video on focus and concentration. If this is not  an approval from the Universe I don't know what is, Focus is the answer indeed and gotta exercise it.

  •  I realize after reading all these comments that , there  is a key info missing here.  And that is , You gotta do the extra work before you tackle your appearance. Honestly,  its all  about Power of Focus. You can read all the comments that motivate you  and  yeah they all sound good but bottom line it comes down to  what you give  ALL your attention to. You gotta practice your focus, start with something completely irrelevant. Put a dot or circle on white piece of paper and start focusing on it, you will see how hard it at first. All your attention  needs to be solely on this circle , its shape color all the details and absolutely nothing else. The reason why it may be difficult at first  is because we are bombarded with stimuli at all times, back in the day when technology wasn't as advanced people didnt take in as much info as we do now. . My advice is for you to start improving your focus with this exercise I gave you, So start with 2 minutes a day and build it to 20 minutes. Even Bob proctor recommends doing it, its something that is absolutely required you must be able to focus. All other stuff comes after you build a good base first, its preliminary to everything else you read here.  SO once you are able to do this, you will be able to focus on a new a features and ignore what you see, resistance as well  because your concentration will be laser sharp. Hope that helps

  • That's true Im learning the hard way now not to avoid mirrors and it doesn't really help that as soon as I wake up I have a larger then my height size mirror right in my bedroom lol I'm going to try and not be so hard on myself and about myself now because it just makes me feel like shit I'm going to try these ideas in a fun way
  • That's a good idea actually I never thought of it like that. I could just imagine how me doing makeup would be like on my ideal face, I'm trying not to force it as much now as forcing it to happen just makes me feel bad. I'm going to try being more playful about it. I just also wanted to ask you do you do it all the time or only when your feeling really happy?
    • Hi Nelly,

      I am sorry but I really think you are missing the point. The reason why you still don't see any results perhaps is because you are still trying too hard to make it happen. From what you said, you are still too focused on the "details" of the whole process: you're asking about how to force or not force it, when to do it...

      Manifestation is an entirely personal journey. You don't need to care what other people do, or try to mimic their every move. The general rule is: 

      1. Face your negativity, be that desperation, neediness... don't ignore these negative emotions.

      2. Then, just do whatever it takes to make you feel like you already have your appearance, and do anything that makes you feel good. 

      (You should reach a point where you just feel good, and even if you don't see your appearance in reality, you still feel good. You should feel good for the sake of feeling good only. If on your journey, you do not feel good for whatever reason, or you feel forced/ against the flow, then go back to step 1 to deal with your negativity.

      Good luck,


  • See mirrors as glitches in this video game reality we're in. They're lagging behind. They'll come around, sure, but the best way to fix them is by working on yourself, your inner self.

  • What I do is become fully present in the moment, and by using playful imagination I begin acting out the make up routine etc as if I were my perfect ideal, feeling it as much as possible. 

    In fact, this is how I've gotten really good results. Avoiding mirrors is not something you'd do if you were your ideal self. 

    Remember the inner world changes first, then the outer. So don't worry so much about the details of the mirror image, just focus on your feeling/vibration/energy/intention.

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