what to do?? :( [UPDATE 1/13/16]

hi guys. so im still attracting height. . . .

my height was recently checked and i havent grown at all. . . ( 5'1)

and lately everyone has been commenting on my height and calling me short and stuff :\

i talked to my doctor about it and she told me to "just wear heels" 

and that i cant grow because the plates in my legs are already locked.

but i want longer legs. . and i want to be at least 5'4. . 

what should i do?????/


[UPDATE 1/6/16]

Today I was talking to a friend, and he was telling me how he wanted to grow a few more inches. He then asked me, "How tall are you? 5'4?"

He knows about LoA so I then told him I'm attracting 5'4... and that I wanted to grow 3 more inches. He said "Aren't you already 5'4???? You want to be 5'7??????" then I told him the incident with my doctor and how I was measured and he said, "What the hell, there's no way you're five feet. You're definitely 5'3 or 5'4."

it was really great! It must mean it's working.


[UPDATE 1/13/16]

So this week I need to go dress shopping, but before we had to check my height. . . and my mother was very negative from the start about it.

As a side note, I'd like to add that she always tries to belittle me. . . still trying to fit me into girly childrens clothes (even though i'm a young adult and legal) and whenever we go underwear shopping she always picks out the smallest bra sizes for me- like an A32 even though I'm at least 2 cup sizes bigger. 

She kept complaining about how I should've checked my height before, and not at the last minute when I need to get my dress. She started complaining etc etc. . then she angrily checked my height against the wall and said, "you're 4'10" and that was it. 

It made me so upset it was insane! She was basically saying I was at least 3 inches shorter than I actually was! Even when I got it recently checked!! 

It really disgruntled me. . . upset and let down, I went onto tumblr. . and this was the first post I saw. It was a gif of this plant growing!6253953688?profile=original

a sign from the universe perhaps?? it made me feel immensely better :-)

I just resolved that my mother always tried to make me feel smaller anyways. . but other people were noticing me seeming to look taller. 

This was a definitely nice pick me up, thanks universe!

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  • Thanks for the words of advice. I will look into doing all of this :-) 

  • Says who?

  • Thanks for posting this method. This could be valuable for lots of other things, too.

  • I wouldn't be surprised either. . .I've tried in the past but she always gets highly insulted whenever I bring it up. i just try to ignore her as much as possible.

    I've began listening to subliminals so hopefully that will help reprogram me.
  • thanks so much for the advice! I'll do that right away.

    yeah, I understand other people's thoughts can do that. . .even more so when my own mother is the negative one.
  • haha thanks!!!! :-)
  • that's so amazing!
  • When you are doing your actions towards creating height(or anything at all), I suggest that you get in the habit of creating a space for yourself that isn't merged with the thought forms other people are casting on you all the time.

    For instance, set the intention to clear your space first, and then visualize a golden pyramid or octahedron around you, that only allows in energies that are beneficial to you.This will help. Do this on a regular basis, but especially when you know you will be around people and energies that are contrary to what you want for any amount of time.

    Even the people here, that are reading this are directing thoughtforms of doubt and negativity towards you. Notice the amount of views, vs. the amount of comments. All these people can't be having successes, and if they aren't they often hang around and project those feelings and thoughts towards people who post. They don't necessarily need to comment, but this is happening. T

    hat's why generally speaking, I don't talk about what I have or haven't accomplished here. 'Other people's thoughts can't affect you' is only true if you don't have any resonance with them, which would mean you have done the spiritual work needed in order to have an energy field that is intact and purified, which is extremely unlikely.

    Anyway,make sure you start creating your personal space zone, this is important.

  • That tumbler update is inspiring! You grow girl! 

  • just wanna say tumblr is a really easy way to get clues from the universe or just see what you´re focussing upon ! it happened to me so many times in a row on tumblr that i got search results about what i was thinking about but NOT what i had looked for. typed in really general tags to search for and ended up with specifically what i had focussed upon before. it was downright creepy haha happened like 10 times within 2 days or so. and people IRL started talking about related topic as well when they usually dont.

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