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    • And I bathe in the dark. XD

  • If you can avoid the mirror without it causing resistance then by all means keep with that approach. If you can look in the mirror to style your hair or whatever else and not feel resistance about ignoring looking closely, then that approach is fine too. The only time you'll need to work WITH the mirror is if you do feel resistance when intentionally avoiding the mirror. 

    When I tried avoiding the mirror it only acted as a reminder of the lack because I knew I was avoiding the mirror because I didn't want to see the lack of results, which would only serve to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don't have that problem then you can go about it any way you like. As long as you're not trying to avoid resistance that you know you can't avoid, then any approach is fine as long as it helps establish the new belief. 

  • Yeah I did that! Every few days I would glance in the mirror without looking to closely. Also I have thick hair so it's not really noticeable unless I'm looking for it
  • I do not see myself in the mirror for more than two years.

  • My thinking is, if I'm not looking in the mirror I'm not seeing what I don't want everyday which seems to make it easier to see in my mind what I want to see because I don't have a fresh image of the opposite from recently looking in the mirror. On one occasion,unless my eyes deceived me I had made progress,but for whatever reason I starting having bad thoughts and lost it again. Maybe because my mind couldn't comprehend that change yet?
  • I agree with Saul. I don't look i just ignore it. I'm not fully into the correct mindset, so looking mirror will keep reMinding me i don't have my dream body yet. I don't want to slip back to negative thinking, so I don't look.
  • I've lost all of hair and body hairs without any physical reason.

  • And does it make you feel bad to look in the mirror and see a lack of progress? 

    To speed this along a little I'll make the assumption that it does. What I like to do is confront the mirror and choose to see progress even when none seems to exist in sight. It's what matters in the mind rather than what the eyes can see. So when you get that bad feeling after seeing no progress you've got to switch that thought to one of feeling there's progress. I'm not saying that's easy, you'll have to train yourself to feel the progress. If feasible I'd suggest not leaving the mirror until you've started to feel a little better about yourself. You never want to leave the mirror feeling worse than you did before, because you're just allowing yourself to create that, as it was the last image of yourself you're holding in your mind. When you hold a image of progress in the mind it will aid progress. The more you feel there is progress the easier it will get to believe you see progress and the easier it'll become to see the progress. Before you know it you'll find it effortless, you'll just look into the mirror, love what you see, and that hair will have grown back.

    I always find avoiding resistance to be counter-productive because it's an acknowledgment that you don't have what you want, because if you did have what you wanted then you wouldn't avoid the resistance.

    When the resistance seems too much to transform I like to release it instead. Choosing to feel everything the resistance makes me want to feel and perhaps even exaggerating it as much as possible. After a while (maybe 5-10 minutes, maybe an hour, or even a few weeks), I find the energy behind the resistance disappears as if it's all been released. This then makes it easier (for me) to better establish a new belief.

    It is a difficult route to take and it might require some mental toughness and isn't an approach for everyone. Do it only if it feels right for you, otherwise just wait for an alternative response from someone else and choose what ever feels best for you.

    Best of luck :)

  • I've losta bit of hair around the temples
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