Where is everyone? And trying Natalie's method

Hi everyone! :) I'm new and excited to start trying to change my physical appearance! There doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion going on.

Has anyone tried Natalie's method? I joined here to ask about it because I saw her being mentioned in another forum. It seems kind of hard to do it so maybe we can all encourage each other? 

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  • I'm planning to change everything, what about you? 

  • Hey welcome! I wonder too where everyone is? There's much discussion going on anymore and the ones who changed their appearance( as they said) just left which is understandable they don't have any need for the group anymore.anyways about natalie technique it's hard to belive in how can you see you're body as you want while everyday you see that it's not what you want ? I'm still researching for a way but the most important is belief you need to believe in that but saying you're tall or you're have small nose is not believable since you see it eveyday what i think might work is saying i'm growing tall and i'm gonna be ..... or my nose is getting smaller. If any one have any ideas tell us cause seeing yourself as you like right now feels too delusional to me like you're lying to yourself.
    BTW what are you planning to change ?
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