Who do you want to look like?

I want to have Kate Moss's bone structure and eye color. I also like her sharp and catlike vibe.

o-KATE-MOSS-RIMMEL-facebook.jpgI also want to look like Bjork. Her vibe seems really nice.


I also like the way she looks. She has a nice clean and graceful look.


I also want more bright and awake looking eyes. I'm generally pretty happy with their shape and size. I also want a sharper and more upturned nose. I'm pretty happy with the size of my nose. I also want to grow to around 5'4 or 5'5. When I wear heels that make me that tall I'm way happier with my broad shoulders and slightly narrow hips.

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  • Aaah you're right! Bjork is so beautiful! She's like a Goddess to me! But what inspired me the most is her art and the way she acts. Honestly, I'm not big on marriage but if I see an Icelandic (I want to move there later) man who looks like her I think I might marry him on the spot! 

    I would just like to be slimmer really. Mostly because I know that a lot of my weight is tied to my issues with depression and anxiety. But I'dd like to love myself the way I am!

  • I wanna have her nose and some other features (expression  for exam...

  • yall wanna look white

  • I'd like to be 5-6 centimeters taller than I am now, get rid of body hair from the places I don't want it to be at, have bigger, stronger and more defined muscles and set my body to be at 10% body fat all the time and use everything I eat or drink to keep being fit and make itself healthier, stronger and more energized so I can eat whatever, whenever and how much I want and stay good looking. Also, some boost of privates, couldn't be bad and the girls will like it :)

  • I want to look like Elizabeth Taylor from head to toe. I just freakin' love her❤ She's a Goddess:)
  • I want to look unique, change body shape but have my face, I was tht person that thought beauty starts with face but inside matters more than out. But to each their own. Though I have to agree media lies and serves for bad self esteem, and finding flaws you can do with any1. Like I only kno maybe 5 actresses tht look 95 percent same with and with ought make up. Nd I used to want to be like this, but then when visualized looking like 4 out of 5, I thought the feature I liked I actually didn't like anymore. Really u want something 1 day and something else the next, unless u keep going back to same thing. Always love self tho
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