• I am in too !
  • It's up to you. I hold both ideas in my head at the same time. Objectively I know that the possibility of my desired appearance exists right now. But I also know it's not likely for me to be experiencing it immediately because of a time lag that exists for most of us humans. I simply remind myself that what I want is already here, and with time I will experience it. Remember, time is an illusion. So your desired and undesired appearance both exist at the same time, but based on which one you focus on, you will experience them in an order based on time: undesired -> desired 

    Also remember that what we focus on now determines what we experience tomorrow 

  • instead of ignoring my reality and believe i'm how i want to be what if i believe that i'm changing my(body part) is changing... i think that would be more beneficial cause natalie methode is just too delusional for me.
  • Cool beans

  • I am in

  • Awesome :) Feel free to check out my daily journal!

    • i'll reply my progress as well :)

  • I'll do it with you :)

  • I found it here. It's the second post on the page

    Everything you could ever WANT or BE - You already HAVE and ARE!
    Everything you could ever WANT or BE - You already HAVE and ARE!
    • Interesting, and thank you. I wouldn't mind seeing a day-to-day journal of your progress. 

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