• Other things like eye color, insane weight decrease, regrowing limbs aren't possible without LOA supposedly.

    • Well, some people like to use contact lenses, and insane weight decrease it's easy to me.

      About regrowing limbs, I agree are not possible without "LOA" but technology is evolving and this will be possible, I know, not just regrowing limbs but anything you desire to change in your body with effortless.

    • You see, when I think of changes, I think things that aren't assisted by tech. The eyes becoming naturally blue when they were brown before, someone losing 200 lbs while eating crap and not exercising. These stories are the kind of things I love!!!

  • For thpusands of dollars i suppose.
    • For thousands of dollars with  that surgery you would grow 1 inch after months, LOA (meditation, mind etc..) can do more.

  • It's simple. Because the other changes in the body can be made without LOA.

  • Because I wanna grow!! 

  • Because height is seen by a lot of people, especially women, as a major indicator of attractiveness in men (if not THE factor). I don't personally think so, but I've heard so from numerous people. Anyways, it definitely has societal impact on how you are viewed.

    I'm a 6'0 woman and to be honest, I'm pretty damn happy with it! It's better to be taller than shorter for a lot of things (and the reverse is true as well!)

  • Because this is the best, and hard, goal.

  • that's exactly what i was thinking.. i have never read a skin color change or so here

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