Wobble first thing in the morning?

Abraham says  upon rising our resistance is the least but for me it the opposite. I actually feel my worst in the morning, (maybe subconsciously I expect to see changes in the morning). I am in the process of getting control of my thoughts under my control but not suppress bad ones too. is that why? does anybody else experience this wobble feeling first thing in the morning or a i the only one?

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  • I usually feel disappointed when I wake up if I've noticed that I haven't changed, but often I feel very hopeful and I really feel like visualizing when I first wake up, too! 

  • Me too.
  • My very darkest time of the day is upon awaking.  So I can relate to you absolutely.

    It seems like I emerge from whatever is in my subconscious and that's why I feel so bad, because I'm certain my subconscious is full of negative programming, low self-worth etc.  I spend the whole day working on it, talking myself up and by bed time I feel brilliant, but I always wake up feeling terrible.

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