Would you ever want to look exactly like somebody else?

When I was younger, I used to really like this singer's work and I thought she was stunning. As time went on, I decided that I wanted to look like her. I didn't know of LOA at the time so I just came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work and that made me miserable. In an effort to cheer myself up, I just convinced myself that one day I might want to meet her and I wouldn't want to look exactly like her because that would be an uncomfortable situation.

That aside, would you ever want to look exactly like a person? I'm not talking about a few features, or just look slightly like them. I mean, looking completely like them. If you do, I won't judge. Honestly, that's on you. I just want to know out of general curiosity.

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  • Yes.

  • Nope, There are people who have a specific feature that I like or especially height but I want to be the best enhanced version of myself. Like gain 4-5 inches in height, bigger eyelid creases and bigger eyes but keeping my shape etc. even with my face shape I want it to go back to how it was when I was about 13 which was oval and a killer jawline. There are people that I find extremely deadly gorgeous but they are a lot of them and plus I am too proud of myself to completely looks my looks lol.
  • No, is the simple answer.

    Can't think of anyone better to be than me.

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