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Changing the nose

Hello everyone!! In 2015 there was a post named " chnage over three weeks (personal before and after photod)" by a girl named Feya she changed her nose and posted photos someone gave me the post registred in HTML form sadly the photos didn't show ):

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What methode

Hello, I am new here!
Two days ago I accidentally found an article related to physical changes or biokinesis. And I found this group. I joined

What method can I do to change my saggy breasts to become perky? The shape really embarrassing me. I was onl

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How to grow taller?

Hello everyone im 15 and 5 foot 2 or 3 i want to grow taller to be 6 foot i know its big goal but i believe everything is possible and im a quite optimistic person already i tried loa and wrote on paper i want to be 6 foot tall imagine my height tall

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Desired skin

I have been trying to manifest a fair complexion my skin is wheatish brown but haven't yet been able to acheive that. Does anyone have any success stories? Please can anyone guide me on how to do it please

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LOA Working or Health Issues?

A few weeks to a month ago, I made it my goal to change my face through the law of attraction. I have been merging pictures of the face I want with mine, and visualizing myself as who I see in the photo. That activity helps me to raise my vibrations,

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I want to grow taller

I have a new desire, In addition to the facial changes I want (which haven't yet manifested), I want to grow taller. I am currently 5 feet and 10 and a half inches tall. my end goal would be maybe like 6, 2. Have any of you had any success growing ta

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How To?

I've been trying to change not just my appearance, but a lot in my life. I've been introduced to a lot of methods, but none of them seemed to work for me. Are there any suggestions or things that anyone has tried that worked for them that they may wa

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