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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
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  • @Energy I Agree.

    I do not understand why a person who does not believe in LOA is in forum on LOA.

    I will contact high five

  • @Saul I think Borax will be a great option, and I wouldn't be too concerned about the health warning as there is more worrying chemicals in our processed foods etc. definitely take a probiotic, I personally would start these after the borax course and when I feel I need some probiotic assistance even on the borax.

    The key I think in all this is to not consume any toxic foods and just try to stay natural to help your body heal.

    Thank you for the YouTube link :) :) looking forward to using it !!
  • Thats ok , i dont want everybody agree with me . :)



  • I disagree a little. The most brilliant minds in the world typically didn't come to a conclusion in their head, instead they discovered it in their reality. They thought about it, meditating on it but the answer often arrives in a eureka moment in your world. Whether it's talking to someone and their point of view gives you a new perspective or it could be found simply in nature. It's definitely worthwhile to talk to others and interact with the environment as well.

    Mind power is everything, but don't overlook the fact it might present itself to you in this 'outer world' rather than coming to you during meditation.

  • Direct personal , first hand experience is the name of the game peoples ...when you hear a new idea , its okay think is starnge , or even that i snot true ...but to know the truth , at least when the subject is mind power , you have to experiment for yourself.


    You can saw vídeos , read , etc , but without your participation ( practicing with your mind) you will not see if its real or not.


    You dont need Jota or anybody else , you dont need see pics , you need only do action , in this case imaginACTION , thats it , you dont need talk with others , you do your consistent practice everyday , take notes what you are observing , so , after enough time , you take your conclusion.


    Now , only Reading or seeing vídeos is cool , but to reach conclusions , practice is the name of the game , you have the tool , wich is you.


    Good luck :)

  • Actually what i say is based in my thinking...

  • There was a spiritualist (can't think of the name) that described the difference between believing and knowing. The difference is that knowing is fact. And paradoxically we don't know anything. We assume, we believe, we try to quantify, intellectualise - but we don't 'know'. I don't know anything and neither do any of you. We make up our own assumptions and play them out in our reality. Understanding and accepting that you don't actually know anything allows you to free your mind to the infinite possibilities available to you. Treat life like a lucid dream. Dare to achieve the impossible. Don't ask if this and that is possible, just remind yourself that you don't know that it's not possible, and suddenly you've got hope, and once there's hope there's always possibilities.

    As for the negativity towards proof of progress/manifestation, I refer you to the eloquently put quote from the Kybalion: "The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding". Which is to mean that you cannot accept that which you're not ready to accept.  There is nothing wrong with being in that place but it's wrong to try and put people down when they feel they've manifested something, whether or not they did or didn't. If a person doesn't have anything positive (or at least constructive) to add to the thread then they shouldn't bother posting.

  • Theres a difference betwen believing and knowing least to me , believing is when you yet dont saw anything , but you have the confidence that something will happens or is possible. It looks like Faith .


    Knowing is when you already make something happens , you already saw something happens that others say its not possible , after it , you cannot back to your old stage , you now know.


    Once you alcance this "knowing" stage , you then start playing more and more , expanding your power .





  • Yep I think so too Sammi, it's sad. She wasn't even selling anything, why would she be lying, she sounded so enthusiastic! That's why nobody ever post pics. I remember Ewerson posted pics of his growth and some people were telling him it was not enough to be legit, that it could be only posture and not actual growth and stuff..

  • Guys I don't know if you noticed but the thread about Nina's success on her eyes is gone... Does anybody know what happened? I hope she's not upset because of some people's quite rude replies..

This reply was deleted.

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