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Hello and welcome :)

  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
  • Please remember to treat all members with respect and behave like a decent human being.
  • Feel free to message me with any questions or problems related to this group.

May you all find what you have been looking for!

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  • When you focus upon the past or future you are scattering your energy. All your power is in the now this is where you create. Focus on your now. How you feel now is creating what you perceive as future.
  • Yesh Yesh I am :)!!!! I love being here and I always will be even if I am silent!!!!
  • I dont know if im under right topic for this but I need to stop skin picking. So i can vizualize feeling of stopping but do I belive like alreadyhave stopped or do I work in present tense? I did make my hair grow longer so I kno changing looks is possible. But this behavioral thing is tougher because I want/ need it bad and that may make more blockers
  • has anybody c hanged their nose shape/size?

  • Awwww thank you. I'm glad iam. I hope I tell be to the world pretty soon with my desires.
  • I have entered here in 2012 january XD

    But jota is the oldest br here

  • hi guys

    although im in this forum since 2012 i ve never posted before. Anyway never its too late. I just wanna tell you how great inspiration you are to me.

    @ Jennifer Oneal

    u r right the video is great. Thank u so much... 

    May all your wishes come true.


    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • You must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality. You must imagine that you are already experienc- ing what you desire. That is, you must assume the feeling of the fulfillment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling crowds all other ideas out of your consciousness.-Neville Goddard

  • For anyone who has acne, even chronic acne, I want to give you some tips. Even if it's chronic, treat it mentally somewhat like a bruise or a weird condition which you're surprised by. When you're hoping or praying in your thoughts, pray from your perspective before this condition ever came about, and express that you're scared and surprised but that everything will be alright and it can heal. Change your belief that it is part of you and stop basing your thoughts from the perspective that you are ugly or have this imperfection, rather keep yourself mentally in the imaginary memories when everything was okay with the thought that there's something weird on your face and it's scaring the shit out of you but it will be okay. I also recommend doing EFT for a while even before this. Hope this helps :)

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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

Few days ago I was looking for new info about Joseph Pierce Farrell's techniques (Manifesting Michelangelo) and I saw new videos on his website. The cases on the videos took from 45 minutes to 3 days (probably for few hours a day for 3 days). Most of the results are really visible, not just some blurish before/after photos. Some of the claims are even that you can see the changes in real time.This is the 45 minute change video:This is the 3 days change video:Maybe it doesn't give the best…

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Success in growing taller and increasing size

I have had some success over the last two months in changing my physical appearance to be taller and larger all around. I have been trying to do this for a while but haven't had any success until the last two months. I had trouble convincing myself I was taller when it was obvious I wasn't.Two months ago I tried something new. I started with the idea that I was still growing. While I haven't grown in a long time, I'm only 18 so it was much easier to believe I am still growing. Some guys don't…

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