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  • I feel like the exercises can serve as proof that you don't have something,so a trick would be giving new meaning to stuff you already do so you aren't doing the exercise BECAUSE of something you don't have,like for instance you ever hear your parents say 'milk makes you tall"? You could form the belief that any dairy products increase height and every time you eat ice cream (don't plan it) your subconscious will be treating it as a matter of fact. What I'm saying tho is any process you do which reminds you that you don't have something puts you in a vibration of wanting/not having. Unless it's something people accept as true,actions have no effect,for instance we believe working out increases muscles and strength. NO,the absolute expectation that it will cause that effect is what makes you experience gains. Understand that reality functions off this law,you get what you expect,not what you half-assedly wish for. That's why one needs to restructure their beliefs first,how could you think you can get results when most of the people here don't actually believe physical change is even possible lol
  • Also u mention Natalie feeling her new self. Maybe that's all she did, and that was her action. Becuz to feel something is via emotions and senses, and it takes immense mental focus at first. Like suppose u avoid mirrors, ok. But what do u do when see the part of your body u wish to change? Inevitably ur eyes will take that data in. Ud have to train mind to not see it. And feeling is far easier than seeing. Even seeing gets easier with focus.
  • I'd go with you do your actions cause u want to, not need to. If you feel you have wht want, only you know if should stop action. Also there will be things ull always want to do, so for example, u exercise to lose weight or whtever, u feel good doing it. Well then u do it but if need to change routine becuz u don't need to lose weight, do that.
  • Its the same thing, manifesting a job, or a taller body, the same principle.

  • I just feel like manifesting physical changes is different than other manifestations, I feel like it's totally possible to manifest physical changes if you make your subconscious believe you are a certain way. 

  • @Iris, I read that and it makes sense but I am so confused due to everyone saying something different. I remember Natalie saying that she replaced her old self with the desired new self to bring physical changes. Neville also says the same, he reacted scenes of what would happen after the desire was fulfilled. 

  • Thanks @Iris. I am reading it all right now. Would really love to know how someone "acted as if" for physical changes and did they stop doing actions that they believed would give them results or what.

  • @Maya and @ Jonathan

    I've been wanting to get into the state of living as the desire has already happened but would that mean stop any and all exercises, actions and such?. I am currently also doing exercises to grow taller and I feel good doing them. I am also taking placebo pills for my skin and listening to some isochronic tones and other audios. When you say "Feeling like you already have the desire", shouldn't we stop all these. If we continue all these, what should really be our thoughts when doing them. For example: Currently, I always think these exercises will make me taller or these pills will make my skin lighter. However, when you already feel and know that you already have your desire then you would not be doing any of these. Please elaborate!

  • @Owl As per Maya, what makes any of the techniques work is FAITH/BELIEF - FEELING like you ALREADY have what you desire - not the techniques themselves.

  • @Owl. Yes it works. ALL of these tricks WORK. its not about HOW you do it but about how you FEEL when you do it. You need to read up on belief because thats what all of this is for. 

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