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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
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  • Find a way you can express all your feelings in a way that resonates with you. Diary is an old school method, can even create a mental version of your mother that listen to everything with love that you talk to in your imagination.  Find a method that works for you.

  • I'm not saying you 'can't' go for shallow things, i'm saying that most people wanting physical changes want the things because they believe those will make them FEEL a certain way, when the people who've really been successful keep telling us that you need to have the feeling first. As I said, this is an avoidance thing. "I can't drive highways" yet you have the power to literally change your body? That doesn't make sense that you only have power when it's convenient lol .It's an excuse, and i'm directly making you realize that.

    You don't have limitations, only mental beliefs that repeat them self in your mind. It has nothing to do with being 'spiritual', everything in creation was made with a certain purpose, and resisting that is what creates anxiety and depression, You clearly don't have a healthy family life, so practically speaking the energy of that environment is yet another factor which probably interferes with your manifestations. But I will point out, if you (or anyone) feels like they can create physical changes from the vibrational standpoint of being a 'victim',to circumstances,good luck. Either you're a creator or you're not, there's no half-assing this stuff...

  • Eh it's not even that,it's my family. We arnt allowed to have feelings. I never say how feel, but 1 time I had to tell mom how scared I was of something becuz she's my go to when need som1. And she said get over it. I kno some ppl just can't handle stuff cuz they have issues of own, but still. It's happened more than once, not the scared thing tho. And mom's bf kinda bugged me recently. Altho... I should be able to change anything I want any order cuz looks will help get me work. As far as leaving home, I'm scared to drive highways so no I can't just run off and live elsewhere. Also I don't care if I'm incomplete control of my life or not, I kno what issues are, and I'm so sick of ppl right now I'm doing what I want becuz I want. Also I'm sorry but the whole finding life purpose... if I want shallow things I'm going for it. I'm sorry but I'm not super spiritual, I'm done with mainstream thot too. Just right now I need freinds but not anything deeper than freind level.
  • It is all about changing the inside and then it reflects on the outside, whether it is your physical form, money, excitement, relationships, belonging, fulfillment etc. Once your default emotions, beliefs and thoughts are positive the current situation regardless how bad, you can feel and see the positive.  Once you can see a poo storm as a bunch of fertilizer for growth you will start having fun and reach your desires.

  • @Ashe I think alot of people in this forum are avoiding real life. I have definitely been guilty of this in the past, trying to make all these physical changes while not really using my creative power to do things that actually matter. That's ok for the kids here, but for those of us who are adults you have to realize that you have a life purpose that must be addressed first before you can(or should) worry about stuff like this.

    You don't really sound like you feel you're in control of your life,shouldn't that be the first thing people worry about? I haven't been worried about this for awhile because I need to create a way to live on my own too, changing physically isn't the problem, it's changing mentally. Just something to think about!

  • Thank you for these. I just got them.

    @ashe black
  • Did any1 save freyas discussion about nose change?
  • About money.... it's becuz if I'm waiting to loa stuff, it doesn't mean life around me stops and my situation is messy, and it's not really a money thing that's tripping me up
  • @Zero Hi, may I ask what you have you manifested yourself? You seemed very knowledgeable about this kind of stuff.
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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

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Success in growing taller and increasing size

I have had some success over the last two months in changing my physical appearance to be taller and larger all around. I have been trying to do this for a while but haven't had any success until the last two months. I had trouble convincing myself I was taller when it was obvious I wasn't.Two months ago I tried something new. I started with the idea that I was still growing. While I haven't grown in a long time, I'm only 18 so it was much easier to believe I am still growing. Some guys don't…

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