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    Nicole Parry
  • Even with Priyanka tho, I would love to be her height. Priyanka does not have a body image issue tho, I know of others who have even more perfect features and I find even more beautiful thn Iman but I mentioned her name because of her body image issue which she should definite not have.
  • I meant Priyanka has had multiple nose jobs, I prefer the look she had in her earlier movies which was very unique, she has an amazing figure to go with it too. I do like her personality too.
  • Priyanka Chopra has been under the knife way too many times but yeah a lot of people love her because that is their taste, I thought she was beautiful before she went under the knife her eyes and nose gave her a vey different look now I feel her nose has rounded out.
  • lol pyanka chopra has large eyes and full lips and plus shes very sweet  think shes far from average lus her nose is perfect > everything is a matter of taste i like her way better

  • Marilyn Moroe had same issues because her mom kept telling her she was ugly and she was sexually abused too. Megan fox admitted the same multiple times that she thought she was ugly. That is sad but I appreciate that I do not feel this way.
  • True! I jus Thanks God and appreciate that I am at such a bettr place and possibly because of this group. I love this group, Thanks everyone!
  • Iman Ali is gorgeous. I didn't know her and I just looked her up she's really beautiful. Sad to hear she's having health problems. This is such a good reminder that self love is important. If we never believe we are enough, we would never see how beautiful we are. Thank you Rizne77 for bringing this up.

  • She is probably wearing contacts in the pictures you saw, her eyes are dark but oh so big I wish I had those with those crazy heavy eyelid creases, the oval face and the height. For me Priyanka is pretty but I do not find her all that special.
  • She does not have light eyes, her eyes are big she probably has dark brown eyes. She has these gorgeous big eyes with big eyelids that I loveeee. Face structure that I crave lol and height hehe.
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Increasing Your Beauty

When figuring out what you want for your body, how you want to look, make sure you write down the best that you want. Don't just write down I want a better nose. That's too small. The universe can give you ANYTHING you want so why ask for the smallest things. Ask to be extremely gorgeous, supremely attractive.Next, once you wrote down what you want, go and work on it. Dress well, eat healthy, workout or exercise or go running, etc...You must take action because action is the key to changing…

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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

Few days ago I was looking for new info about Joseph Pierce Farrell's techniques (Manifesting Michelangelo) and I saw new videos on his website. The cases on the videos took from 45 minutes to 3 days (probably for few hours a day for 3 days). Most of the results are really visible, not just some blurish before/after photos. Some of the claims are even that you can see the changes in real time.This is the 45 minute change video:This is the 3 days change video:Maybe it doesn't give the best…

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