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  • AfterGlow, I don't know of any subs on youtube that I'd recommend because the ones I've tried didn't work for me. The only subs that have worked in the past are the ones at Subliminal Shop but they overcharge. 
    As for making your own, it's trial and error really. I'm trying to work on ways to reframe my thoughts to see things from a different perspective. The next audio I plan to make uses habits I either have already embedded or want to cultivate. These habits will then work as an anchor for my beliefs to grow. Here's an example of a cucumber water habit I'm wanting to form and the thoughts I wish to anchor into every sip.

    I crave cucumber water.
    Cucumber water is refreshing and quenches my thirst.

    Every sip of cucumber water counts and improves my health and well-being.
    The cucumber alkalizes the water neutralising it.
    Cucumber water balances my stomach acids and cleanses my body.
    Cucumber water rejuvenates my organs, and aids the strengthening of my bones.
    From drinking cucumber water my healthier body grows more energetic, and more energy helps my mind transcend its perch.
    Cucumber water gives me the strength and ability to accomplish everything my heart desires.

    See how this sequence of affirmations reframes cucumber water from a simple drink into a drink of transformative properties. By these affirmations I've turned the drink into the elixir of life and a manifesting tool. It's much more powerful (to me at least) than simply saying "I love drinking cucumber water."

    This is more experimental work and there will be more habits I wish to work with and transform. But the advice I would give to you is to write your affirmations as short as possible and to make the message feel inspiring to you. If you can, bring it to life with your words. You want to be able to believe the words now. They should feel like after coming in from the cold, sitting in front of the fire wrapped up in a blanket. They should comfort you and make you feel everything is okay, that everything is getting better and they should empower you. At least that is my philosophy on affirmations. These affirmations should also be spoken with as much belief and enthusiasm as you can muster. As your subconscious hears your voice repeatedly feeling such joy for these beliefs it will have no choice but to bring them to life.

    If you need any help with your affirmations feel free to PM me and I'll do me best to aid you. 

    Katarina, nightmares have a deep-rooted meaning, especially so if they're always similar. You'd have much greater success confronting the nightmare than trying to change everything else to make it easier. Use your lucid dreams first to stack the odds in your favour. Put yourself in a place of comfort and ease where the nightmare can't harm you, and from there see it for what it is. Your nightmares aren't there to harm. They just have a message for you, a message that may not apply to you any more. Once you embrace the fear you can set it free and the liberation you'll feel from that could cause profound positive transformation.

  • @Saul, my nightmares get old hat, their all the same really. It not for a reason but basically ima huge coward an I was thinking just change personality, I acknowledge it. But in waking hrs I never know what scares me til I get a overwhelming fear. And like said I acknowledge that vague cowardice
  • There's lots stuff on subs. Maya had good info her youtube is serendipitous subliminals. Some sub makers use other stuff and some post on youtube. If you ask they may point in right direction. Or you can google the stuff they use. Yes making own works. I'm picky I'd us a channel that feels right. I use mind power and mayas channel. I heard hypnodaddy, matrix 99 and a few others are good. If you saw 95 day eye change there's 2 more listed.

    1 thing about making subs is you put afirmations just below what you can hear
  • @Saul, is there any subliminal channel that you would reccommend? Also, any tips on how to make your own subliminals? I was thinking about making them on my own, however I'm not quite sure how to do so. 

  • Your nightmares are there for a reason and you should use your lucid dreaming skills to resolve the trauma. As you'll know lucid dreaming puts the power in your hands so you can tip the scales in your favour and make the nightmare easier to face. 

    I once had a nightmare whereby I left some friends and family behind to die. It wasn't intentional, we were all supposed to get out. But when we reached the edge of town there were only a few of us left. I reconciled that it was pointless to go back because it was likely too late (it did seem likely). I woke up after that and felt ashamed of my actions so I went straight back to sleep and brought the dream back and confronted the nightmare and saved everyone. Had I not done that I would now have a lingering feeling that I'm a coward that makes excuses to avoid doing the right thing. However, since that dream I have put myself into dangerous situations to help those I care about.

    Those nightmares are what you should be excited to face. You'll feel so much relief once you've overcome them and your life will be much better off for it.

  • Oh I need add to previous post, you can also do that by playing the memory game within a lucid dream. Basically 2 ways to play, and I don't like first, is you say I remember when.... and you list present life, then you add and now im..... or 2nd way to be full memory is you say I remember when.... and you list desire. I think anything you apply waking, once can lucid dream you can use same methods but they'd be more powerful
  • Slowing down time perception or in dream the basic exercise is to visualize all around you slowing down.

    Only reason I said I need quit lucid dream is it doesn't help if it's unrelated to the sub playing. Becuz usually when I lucid dream I make.dreams only to avoid having nightmares so they are unrelated to my desires 70 percent of the time. Those are prolly what I should stop. Last night I had another nightmare I cannot remember what
  • Katarina, if you can lucid dream you should definitely use that to aid your manifesting. I have loads of ideas I want to try out in lucid dreams but I can never become lucid. I've only ever done it twice. Since we can do anything in lucid dreams I want to try and mess around with thought processes and manipulate my brain. I also want to see if I can slow down time in the dream so I can spend days, weeks, months, or years in a dream whilst minutes pass outside it. Such a skill would mean I could master anything just through a good night's sleep. 

    TheSpaceMan, I'd stand on my toes and stretch towards the ceiling trying to touch it with my fingertips (I'm about a cm from touching it, but occasionally I graze it). I try to hold that pose for as long as I can until I lose balance. Then I repeat it until I'm bored. It's something I haven't really made much of a habit of, though. Another great way is to do deadlifts and squats. They will straighten the spine. If you measure your height using your arm span and you find your actual height is shorter than the arm span measurement then it means your spine is curved and straightening it will increase your height. As I said about the foundation building, once you've got a straightened spine and have already gained an inch or few, it'll increase belief you can grow taller, it will also tell the body you're at your current capacity and that it need to expand further to meet your needs. Poor posture is probably the biggest reason most people don't grow taller because their body is saying to them "If you'd just stand up straight you would be taller!"

    Also, don't worry about manifesting physical actions, if none feel right to you then there's no reason to do them. Maybe you don't need a physical action to go along with what you're doing. You'll be inspired when the time is right, if necessary; Otherwise you may already be doing the necessary physical actions but you just don't realise it.

    As for your "duh" moment" that's completely natural. The most obvious things are the ones we most neglect. As long as we're not perfect there'll always be some glaringly obvious flaw. Our most ingrained thoughts are the ones we notice least. In fact, the most ingrained of all we'll never even consciously consider.

    Also, for anyone using subliminals I want to warn you against the majority of youtube ones. Most of them use text-to-speech audio to create them which will have very little success. Imagine a person coming up to you and paying you the greatest compliment but their words sounding flat and empty, you wouldn't feel complimented.  But if that person spoke to you with energy and enthusiasm you'd lop that compliment right up. That's why it's best to make them yourself, and practice making them sound genuine. But on another note just because someone has a youtube channel doesn't mean they have a clue what they're doing, and most subs on youtube are very unprofessional. A good subliminal maker should likely have a good understanding of neuro-linguistic-programming.

    measuring armspan - Google Search
  • By the way, after realizing some deep sht like the present being the only thing that's real, there have been some crazy syncronicities in my life. I say something in my mind or think of something, and shortly after (seconds) someone says it or I see it in a comment in the web or whatever. It's almost scary
  • Yea thts where I'm at but I get all over sore, sometimes tired, and 1 night I freaked cuz I thought I was growing a tail umm tht strychnine too long to explain but usually I get through subs no incidents. I think I acknowledge tht fear tho but I think it was brought on by what subs I'm using. And I had 1 other weird thing. I'm thinking it's working but when I don't do subs during day I can go into mental state of certain stuff so I kno more is coming my way. It just means no more lucid dreams for fun of it anymore. I can give tht up tho. Anyway nothing bothered me more than fear of a tail and sore teeth. And when I sleep I put tongue between teeth so if I bit down I'd feel it. But I dont
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