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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
  • Please remember to treat all members with respect and behave like a decent human being.
  • Feel free to message me with any questions or problems related to this group.

May you all find what you have been looking for!

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  • I have posted a question please can you check it and reply 

    I may have found an answer but all the same I'd love to hear your

    thoughts on it thank you! 

  • This is the best group Tracie, PI is nothing without CPA.

  • Changing how our physical bodies look is something amazing and beautiful, like creating your own avatar in a game, changing how you express yourself like an artist, customizing the vehicle of the soul. Who doesn't want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful? Or maybe just seeing something you like? Perhaps not everyone but a lot of us do. The shame and criticism many people who go under the knife face is absurd, almost everyone would love to change this or that, and in their criticism they say you shouldn't be someone else and embrace who you are. What happens when you buy new clothes? A new car? A new house? Aren't you becoming someone else? We are much more than anything physical, we are consciousness expressing ourselves through physical. We are not our bodies. 


  • Eunoia, I'm glad to hear that you're recovering. Congratulations on your success. 

  • I’ve been trying to whiten my teeth and make my gums look better. So far a bit of my tooth decay has gone away and a part of my gum isn’t over my tooth anymore. (I stopped taking care of myself because of a severe state of depression I had, but I’m getting better!)
  •   Very powerful video to learn from from Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • My progress has regressed because I got terribly harassed by a guy who fell in love for me. I have no desire to be attractive to guys. So I kept wishing to be unattractive to guys and that ended up making my face and waistline bloated. How do you deal with wanting to be more attractive, but not wanting to attract men. The problem I have is that I have a sweet and innocent face, so I end up attracting the worst people. I want a more gaunt and intimidating face.
  • I've a small update. My hair looks a little darker than it used to. It isn't jet black yet, but I suppose it's on its way to becoming so.  Any shade darker is an improvement that I will take. My cheekbones seem more prominent and high as well. My chin has yet to change, unfortunately, but I suppose it will do what it can. Best to everyone.

  • " I don't think humans are made to eat certain things. I don't want to write an essay because this is my opinion. "

    There are masters(masters over their realities) that ingest poison and have not bad effects, but they dont see themselves as humans...

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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

Few days ago I was looking for new info about Joseph Pierce Farrell's techniques (Manifesting Michelangelo) and I saw new videos on his website. The cases on the videos took from 45 minutes to 3 days (probably for few hours a day for 3 days). Most of the results are really visible, not just some blurish before/after photos. Some of the claims are even that you can see the changes in real time.This is the 45 minute change video:This is the 3 days change video:Maybe it doesn't give the best…

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Success in growing taller and increasing size

I have had some success over the last two months in changing my physical appearance to be taller and larger all around. I have been trying to do this for a while but haven't had any success until the last two months. I had trouble convincing myself I was taller when it was obvious I wasn't.Two months ago I tried something new. I started with the idea that I was still growing. While I haven't grown in a long time, I'm only 18 so it was much easier to believe I am still growing. Some guys don't…

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