They don't have to die. Cyber bullying, sexting, online predators, texting while driving, even dangerous talk about guns, drugs and suicide can all be eliminated. Please, send the free parent's guide link (below) to everyone you know.
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  • Now you've heard it from a young man only a couple of years older than my oldest grandchild. Matthew gets it; he's been there fairly recently but it's getting worse every day and that's why I'm asking everyone in the group to Join the Cause and help get the word out.

    I wrote the "Parent's guide to the CyberWorld of Children" so that adults could better understand what kids are really facing every day because most people don't have a clue.

    Now, it is obvious that you wouldn't have joined this group if you didn't care but the fact is, most of you haven't asked for the guide. That proves my previous point... you haven't seen the guide because you think that you know what's in it. So did a lot of parents whose children are now dead.

    Please... read it. If you do that, I think that you'll send the link to others.

    PS - One last sad fact: Some of you will just sit back and let other people do it. You have a choice. You COULD choose to save a child...
  • I don't disagree Polina but at this point in my physical sojourn, I'm still having trouble walking on water. I also still have difficulty with forcing horses to drink the water to which I have led them. So, I see the initial job here as making the information available. That said, I am amazed at how many of those who are exposed to the information are using it to improve their relationship within their families. Why don't you actually review the guide yourself and then help me figure out a way to "educate" parents about that specific topic? That would be an incredible service to families.
  • Hi Lou: Thanks for the response and the spoof on Big Pharma. Iti is getting worse. If the under the skin microchips are approved there will be more people on drugs for life. You might be intersted in my book, "If I'd Only Known...Sexual Abuse In or Out of The Family: A Guide to Prevention," The Seven parent approve and Child test techinques thwart the majority of would-be sex offenders. Available at
  • Absolutely Polina... for the children of parents who know how to protect their children. Most people don't realize what serious dangers their children live with every day. The ones that do realize the magnitude of the dangers are frantic if they don't also know that those dangers can be eliminated. Parents get blind-sided when something happens to one of their children or that of a close friend and Polina, it can all be eliminated if parents are informed. That's why I wrote the parent's guide.
  • So do I Dave and I truly appreciate your participation. If we can get enough people to spread the word about this, those little ones really can grow up into a "SaferWorld4kids"
    Thanks again.
  • Lou,
    Yes, I know that the littleones in the video aren't ready for the materials; yet I like how cute they are and love the music.
  • Beautiful music is not what I would call "...a small tribute" Dave. Thank you. Fortunately, little children like those shown in the video aren't old enough to use technology. They aren't yet exposed to the dangers. Just think... If we let everyone know that the dangers can be eliminated, then these tiny children will grow up in a safe cyber-world. Will you share the link to the parent's guide Dave?
  • Lou, for all you do to safeguard children and for all our littleones this beautiful video is my small tribute. Light & Love ~Dave

  • Do you mean that Big Pharma is not our friend? They say they are. I'm shocked.

    Excuse the spoof Dorothy but the only time I want drugs is if I've got at least one major bone sticking out. Give the body what it needs to function properly and you can live free of disease.

    The contribution you can make to child safety is to first look at the parent's guide to decide if you can/should recommend it. Then if you can, send the link to every single person you know. Too many parents are discovering the seriousness of the problems their children are facing when they find them hanging from a closet rod. It doesn't have to happen and you can help us make a difference.

    Thank you in advance for whatever you can do for children and for helping people understand that good health is more than the absence of a diagnosed disease.
  • Thanks for inviting me to join this worthy endeavor. What contribution may I make?

    My purpose and mission is facilitating healing people from the inside out and educating people to realize that they are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to masking symptoms and disease with Prescriptions/ Chemicals/Radiation or cutting out body parts. (All diagnosis from A to Z - Abdominal Pain to Zits) Yes, the Big 'C,' MS, Heart Disease, Bi-Polar, Depression, Diabetes, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lou Gehrig's Dis-ease, Panic Attacks, OCD, ADD, ADHD and the list includes all diagnosis. You can contribute by passing my information.

    I work face-to-face, phone (480-794-1561) or Skype--DorothyNed

    Best Regards,

    Xocai Distributor - The Healthy Antioxidant Dark Chocolate
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