Meet the Film Crew!

The guy in the video below is Stamati Panos, CEO of West-Coast-Productions. It's his company that wil be filming, editing and producing our you tube updates and the film we intend to show at The Sundance Film Festival. Stamati has known the guy known as "The Rainmaker", Cody McKinley for more than 20 years. He has left his company, family and beautiful home in Mendicino, CA, to film Cody McKinley and Chris Tinney on the Forever Green Tour. I am proud to have such a great film maker document the the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour as we spread of kindness, health and opportunity around the world. This is one of his former projects "No Sell Out". I share it because I think it shows how perfect his company is for this project! Click the play button its about 60 seconds.

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Join us on the Forever Green Tour! Daily videos coming soon! I left Portalnd, Oregon a few days ago and picked up Stamati and all the camera equiptment in Ukiah. We're in Mariposa, California setting up the lights and everything for Cody's arrival this Friday in the newly decked out Forever Green RV!'
. From here we will head towards Portland, Oregon stopping to meet people along the way. Then Truckee, Reno and Denver. After that people will vote on the Internet and decide were we go! This is gonna be F-U-N!

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