Chris Tinney's Tour Update!

Thanks to everyone for joining this group! You're helping make a real difference in the world! You're heling me create a more successful tour and spread the message of Kindness, Health and Opportunity. We are a group of people taking a stand in our communities and in our own personal lives. The easiest way to explain is to introduce you to the guy that gave Cody and I the RV to go on tour! He has 4 Gold Albums and his Movie, "Happy Valley" played at the the Sundance Film Festival. Let me introduce you to a man with the biggest heart I know. I'm honored to carry by carrying his message of Kindness, Helath and Opportunity. Let me introduce you to Ron Williams! You can see why I'm humbled. He's amazing. The Bodhi Group is about making that vision a reality with Ron's company Forever Green. Indeed, we already are. The Bodhi group is made up of my friends and all the people they've invited to be a part of this movement. I'm leaving May 15th to tour the country. When I come into town I'll need your help. This is the schedule: Thursday Day 1 Community Stand We'll invite thousands of people to join us to volunteer in your city with us for the day. Everyone you see here and at my other communities will be inviting people. This will be B-I-G! I'll need help coordinating this day and choosing what it will be. Evening Information Meeting This will b at the camp ground around the fire. I'll be sharing how we can live a life in alignment with who we are. I'll be sharing the Forever Green Message of Kindness, Health and opportunity. Friday Day 2 Appreciation Party Come help me tap the keg, sit around the camp fire and share what you appreciate. Learn how to create more of what you want by deliberately creating your life and meet my new dog, Zattva. Saturday Day 3 Noon - Overview for people that missed the Thursday meeting about the community we will be creating. Afternoon - 3 hour training for new members wanting to live the Forever Green Lifestyle and join us in continuing all the things we started in their community. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday............... Cody McKinley and I will be hanging out and working in the community for a week or two always available and having fun at the camp ground. (Don't miss "Twister" night!) I'll be posting all the latest information here as I go! Please forward this email to people you think would like to be a part and maybe looking to change what they do for a living and help us full time. I appreciate you coming here and supporting me in what I know is my destiny. Everything in my life has led up to this. If you didn't look at Ron's page please do so. Otherwise you won't know why I'm waking up with my toes tingling. I thank those following along online even if not participating. Your kind thoughts and messages always arrive at the perfect time. (Of course :) Namaste, Chris Tinney Ambassador of Abundance 415-828-6799

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  • Let us know what it's all about. Are they having a seminar on ForeverGreen? Cool.
  • Hey there Chris-
    Happy Travels! I am checking your status from time to time and lovin' the cause- Would love to help support you when you travel through New England- Can't wait to get started! Hopefully Soon!
    With Love and Big Gratitude-
  • good stuff

    like someone asked already, let us know if you are coming to sunny Florida....or rather, When U R, :)
    I'll drive up, or down south as they call it when you live in central fl and referring to bocca or what have you....
    • Yes, Defitnely come to Fl!
      I would be so excited to contribute as well! I have lots to add to this amazing world!
  • Hey Chris,

    It's emily in RI, and you have my cell i think? of course any help you guys need in the new england regions, i am happy to do what i can for you! i am a total sucker for a good cause!
    • Hi Ambassador of Abundance!

      I am in Buffalo, NY...let me know if you are coming this way. Be ever so happy to do my part. :)

      Peace and love,
  • Hi Chris,

    I think it is lovely and inspiring what you are doing. I just moved out to CA and now I'm situated here in Yucaipa, CA in the San Bernardino County. I would love to help and volunteer. I definitely want to be a part of Forever Green. The cycle of giving is abundance in the making. Please contact me on how I can help. Blessings.

  • Hey, Chris,

    I'm in Cody's downline (pretty close to Bianca) and talked with you recently about the tour. I live in Red Bluff, which is in between Chico & Redding. I'd like to know more about how I can participate. Any chance of actually joining the tour? I am free to travel & would love to do it.

    I've been traveling around on my own and building community wherever I am for years now. I'd really like to do that with a team of playmates to increase what is already a joyous experience. I've been a Reiki Master/intuitive bodyworker for years & could contribute my skills to those who are traveling. &, very important to know, I'm also excited about the possibility of simply participating when you're in this area if you aren't taking others on the tour.

    Thanks & Many Blessings,

    • of cours we can get there
      I'm not sure whn but Cody willbe here tomorrow an we'll let him know too
      Shoot me an email at
      Chris @

  • Forever Green, one of the sponsors sells Frequensea and Electrifier.
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