40 Powerful Questions

Questions to Help You Gain Clarity Define Your Goals

1. If you decided to FULLY live your life, what's the first change you would make. What would be a small step in that direction?

2. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?

3. What could you work on now that would make the biggest difference to your life?

4. How would you feel about doubling that goal?

5. What are you tolerating/putting up with?

6. What do you want MORE of in your life? (make a list)

7. What do you want LESS of in your life? (make a list)

8. What are three things you are doing regularly that don't serve to support you?

9. How would your life change if you accomplished all your goals?

10. If you knew there was absolutely no way you could fail what would you go do right now?

11. How can you change what you "don't want" into what you "do want"? Think of what you can move towards rather than what to move away from.

12. What do you love?

13. What do you hate?

14. What's the one thing you would love to do before you die?

15. Is now the right time for you to make a commitment to achieving these goals?

16. For your life to be perfect, what would you have to change?

17. What's one change you could make to your lifestyle that would give you more balance? Identify Action Steps 18. What's your next step?

19. Who can you call to identify your next step?

20. Who should you be hanging out with – so that achieving this goal becomes natural? ( i.e. who's already doing it?)

21. What are three actions you could take that would make sense this week?

22. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited do you feel about taking these actions?

23. What would increase that score? (e.g. handle fear, clearer steps, more support, more fun)

24. What would Tony Robbins do in this situation? What would "massive action" look like?

25. What will happen (what is the cost) if you do NOT do anything about this? Gaining New Perspectives

26. What can you learn from this?

27. In what way is the current situation absolutely perfect?

28. How could you turn this around immediately, and enjoy the process?

29. What's one way you could have more fun in your life?

30. If you were your own coach, what coaching would you give yourself right now?

31. What's your favorite way of sabotaging yourself, and your goals?

32. What should your sponsor say to you you they spot you doing this? General Diagnostics Questions

33. What are three of your greatest strengths?

34. What are you most excited about now? What are you looking forward to?

35. What's one way to get more energy into your life?

36. What's one thing you could do to give yourself more peace financially?

37. What is your life really about? What is your purpose?

38. If you had to guess your life purpose (from looking at your life to date), what would it be?

39. Who in your life should be acknowledged more?

40. What would you go do right now with your life if time or money where not an issue. What would you go do?


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  • 1.- first change....just did it today....let go of bodywork practice to open myself up to more of what the universe and I have in store for ME!
    2. to be totally Fear-less and Free!
    3. I could work on shedding what ever holds me back!
    5.the ho-hums of some days
    6.love, light, peace, JOY, money, vibrant health and energy! not in any particular order either : )
    7.worries, any struggles with others
    8.think too much- from my head (instead of heart), make excuses, not being in the moment
    9.I"d be even more in the beautiful flow of life -
    10.Fire up a new biz and make tons of moola- just not sure what kind of biz?
    12.Fun, laughter, feeling vibrant and alive and all those beautiful beings around me! sun, warmth, salt water!
    14.- hmm only one thing? have to think on that ONE thing ; )
    15- no time like NOW! Yesssss
    16.my perception!
    17.really get down and serious about feeding my body the highest most utilized whole foods to help it to operate to it's fullest every day!
    18.To BE really, really open to receive! I've asked for a really cool, unique, big money making, fun-ever-changing new life passion!
    19.ghostbusters!! no, not sure- God?!?! ME?!?!
    20.great question- will think on that!
    21.scope out other creative soles that are whoopin' it up and lovin' life and what they "do", continue BE-ing open, Have FUN!
    23.: )
    25.I would stay right where I am right now! Not a bad place but I love change and movement!
    26.to stay alert, alive and follow my heart!
    27.I'm healthy, happy (but not to the fullest), am most needs are met- I want more though!
    28.I will certainly intend to enjoy the process
    29. Free more of my soul
    30.Remind your self of the elated feelings you feel when you are on a roll and in your sweet groove!
    31.put it off til later.....
    32.in my face!!!!
    33.giving, gift of conversation, Big heart and love for all!
    34.Newness of life on it's way- what excitement will I be enduring in these days ahead?!?!
    35.stay in touch with what I take in, rest, emotions
    36.trust the process
    37.my life is about fulfilling and be-ing my Truth Out Loud!! every day in every way!
    38.Someone who loves fun, laughter, giving, receiving, and utilizing ALL and every creative juice in me-self!!
    39.me, and my son!
    40.Buy a monster bus, travel with my guy and my son and See the world!!!
    • Hey Im working on number 40 now LOL
      Great to see you have clarity. Thanks so much for sharing!
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