• Hi Chris!

    Marie from Seattle here sending love and light to this enterprise!

    All my best!
    • Welcome!
    • How fun Marie! We shoudl catchup on the phone!
  • Chris:

    Glad to see you've got the party started and such a cause near and dear to the heart. Way too cool. Thanks for the invite - I'm in Virginia about 60 miles sw of DC in horse country. Look forward to sharing the good stuff and saving mother earth.


    • Hi parise. Ver cool!I am so hppy you'e part of Forever Green with me.
    • Awsome We will be doing the NE in about 4 months :)
    • Awesome Chris! ....hope all is well :) How's the little puppy?~~~~~~~Joy
  • Hi Chris...Thanks for the invite. I am very interested in Forever Green and admire what you are doing. :)

    Peace and love, Joy

    (Please let me know what I can do to help.)
    i'll send my phone number to you if you need/want it.
  • I'm Nick from Vegas. I'm very excited about being on Chis' team and the fantastic voyage that we are embarking on. I'm all about the chi and the good energy that only flows through all things. My message is that of harmony... and for crying out loud loosen up and have some fun! I have a health oriented business in Las Vegas, Feetox Health , doing ionic cell cleanse detoxification treatments. I wasn't looking to get involved with another business, I just needed a product to replenish my clients after the detox. I went to the only person that I felt I could trust for a good product, and that person was Chris Tinney. I watched the movie and voila, the exact product that I was searching for. For those of you who don't understand or believe that the law of attraction exists, get a clue... it's just like gravity; you can't see it, but it is definitely there! The more I investigated Forevergreen, the more I knew that this was the right one.
    • Hey Nick,
      Thanks for all your hard work spreading the word of Kindeness, Health and Opportunity.

      Cant wait to see you in Vegas!
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