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The Power of Now-Debate

I was reading a book "Practicing the power of Now" by Ekhart Tolle.I found the book very authentic in terms of its information and application.Tolle says that your future depends upon the level of your consciousness in the present moment.Get all your

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Happy New Year!

While there is still SO much I want to manifest, I am doing more from the inside out and focusing more on the whys than the hows.  Sometimes I can do the hows - inspired action - other times it's more helpful to me to really get into the why and the

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An update

Hope some other people will add things.  I don't mean to this post but to this group.  I like to read how you guys are getting on too :-)

OK a sort of summary. 

I did a workshop on Friday night on a very small scale but it went well and was a lot of fu

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Hi guys. First post here

For today I got out of the house and I spent some time with one of my friends into LOA doing blog posts and chatting.  I needed the upliftment and I had a chat with someone else last night.  Did a few Abe processes in the morning, will do more later.

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Co-Creating Called My Spirit

Blessings to all. While I was searching groups to join, this group spoke to my spirit.


I definitely believe that this group will be a foundation of greater things to come and i'm excited for the journey.


Blessings to all and I look forward to interac

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In this moment

Trying to keep upbeat today....I had to yell at myself to stop trying to micro mannage my life......aghhhhhhh ...I have an issue with this ..... just wondering what trigger anyone might use when feel like they might be slipping into all those nasty t

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