An update

Hope some other people will add things.  I don't mean to this post but to this group.  I like to read how you guys are getting on too :-)

OK a sort of summary. 

I did a workshop on Friday night on a very small scale but it went well and was a lot of fun.  No, I didn't really make money from it.  But it was good for my skills.  And had some good laughs with friends.   And we did manifesting for us, for each other and for the world which I thought was awesome.  The venue is small but quite beautiful and spiritual.  Really enjoyed it.

Saturday I felt really drained.  I might have been partially fluey and maybe partially overwhelmed, have I taken on more than I can chew as they say with my career change?  On Friday I was offered another full time job, so it's nice to know that I DO have that sort of thing as a backup.  Chatted with hubby on Skype & he was quite encouraging.  I mostly just chilled out and played games, watched TV.

Today I'm going to try to get back on track.  It's SO EASY to give up on my career dreams, sometimes it seems SO HARD!  But one thing that happens is just to focus on the bits I CAN do right now.  I don't (think) I know how to write an ebook yet but I've had help with a couple of blog posts so I can get them up.  I will remind myself of the things in the pipeline, from lovely friends trying to help me.  And first and foremost some serious LOA processes.  Like mindmovies, affirmations, these cool apps I have.  It's not about the money for me - I have a job lined up for tomorrow (day) which is great!  It's about being paid to do what I love.  I found some LOA things on attracting clients too, I will share later IF they work for me!  But I have to try them for at least 30 days apparently, stuff to print out and so on.  Something else awesome that happened yesterday is my folks are going to get me a Kindle for Christmas!  Plus hubby was asking what things I want him to bring back as presents when he returns (soon)  I also try to keep my gratitude journal up-to-date as that is really uplifting for me. 

Even on facebook, I have tons of fb friends into LOA & so on and that is encouraging too.

This darn kitty cat scratched me on the nose yesterday!  And I said to myself, (Firstly, OW!) "OK, I KNOW I've attracted that."  I don't know if I will attract a paying client.  I was going to say ever but of COURSE I would eventually, but I think I will give myself till the end of Feb or March.  I still  have things I'm working on and other people are working on things for me so I am probably just being impatient!  But in the mean time, I will try to focus on attracting my first paying client and regardless of that, of feeling as GOOD as I can.  I will NOT use this as my "excuse not to feel good" as Abe says.


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