Hi guys. First post here

For today I got out of the house and I spent some time with one of my friends into LOA doing blog posts and chatting.  I needed the upliftment and I had a chat with someone else last night.  Did a few Abe processes in the morning, will do more later.  Mainly a bit of pivoting, Universal Manager and BOPA. 

My friend and I also discussed this: With manifesting, sometimes it's an idea to imagine it like you are remembering it, remembering back when you manifested that cool thing (etc) that you now want. 

Took myself out to dinner - nothing that expensive but totally delicious! - I thought, hmm haven't had much work for the last two weeks, should I be spending this money? 

But sometimes I think it's important to treat yourself! 

I found this video tonight, shared it already but would like to share it here too as it's rather lovely:

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