In this moment

Trying to keep upbeat today....I had to yell at myself to stop trying to micro mannage my life......aghhhhhhh ...I have an issue with this ..... just wondering what trigger anyone might use when feel like they might be slipping into all those nasty thoughts of doubt.? Hope everyone has the best day ever.!

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  • Thanks that's a good one ...I usually just tell myself to stop but i like that insted of thinking the opposite you just put it out of your mind!.
    • I find it really works. When things get hectic, I take a few moments out, sit down and think about having the things I want right now.

      Hope you stick around. This is really a good group.

  • What I do, is literally tell myself, "uh, uh, uh!" That is my trigger. My mum used to say "uh, uh, uh!" when she was raising us, so this is familiar trigger for me. I also post little quotes around my house that I mostly got from the Secret and the Power books. Once I've signaled myself that I "fell into a negative mindset", I replace the negative thoughts with good ones. Not exactly thoughts opposite of what snuck into my mind, but more like a daydream of how my ideal life will be.
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