I'll admit I have had some very down times, but I know I need a boost by being here.

I love discussions on appreciations/gratitudes and focusing clearly on what we do want. The active word being "do" of course in this stuff and not "don't." Today I'm glad I'm more aware I've been participating in victim stuff, and when one returns to it a second time they become volunteer. So I'm taking charge of my life more and becoming much clearer on how I truly wish to be treated! This includes being treated with respect, love, compassion, trust, faith in my abilities, with balance and kindness from others, and overall peace and love for fellow human beings like myself. I want to send out and receive only love! Today I focus on love over all. Love between people who make life harmonious.

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  • Hi there my name is Terry, and I am knew to all this social media thing. not to be negative but it's hard for me to actually no that someone is really on the other side. it's just very strange not to see or hear who your talking to that's all but im willing to move forward with the times.. besides i think i have found the perfect place to feel the love even if i can't see where it's coming from. I Love the immediate comfort feeling I get.. thanks :) for welcoming me..

  • I'm late joining this discussion, but I'm really glad you shared this. Too many of us have fallen into the mindset that "life just happens". It seems to be a popular school of thought with the outside world. But I refuse to believe that life is a bunch of things that happen TO us. I believe we have to make life happen FOR us.

  • Well, I think you have made AMAZING transformations in your way of looking at things, Laura and I am SO proud of you.  Some people have got the huff and disappeared from PI but no, not you, you persevering in trying to find better ways of approaching things and you have succeeded!  You are beautiful, encouraging, upbeat and fabulous! And I wish you masses of love! 

  • Love is the starting and ending place for all enlightened thought. What is found within the energy of unconditional love is of the highest essence and it's effect upon our vibrational resonance is uplifting; we fly within higher realms and gain invaluable insight into the nature of life.

    Our individual sine-waves are in constant flux as we are buffeted by the sine-waves of other sentient beings  and universal systems. The carrier-wave of love energy is in constant motion throughout all that is; urging us home to alignment with our divine within.



  • Thats beautiful Laura!  Do not accept anything less than LOVE!  Love is gratitude!!  Love is positive!  Keep moving forward!! :)


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