Time Buffer

The existence of a time buffer or a lack thereof, is pretty hotly debated in LOA communities. I wanna know what you guys think. I'll present some of my observations and thoughts first.

My opinion is that there generally is a 'delay' in 3d physical reality, and that there is a 'buffer of time' that can be noticed between energy/intention and manifestations. I don't think there's a strict guideline for it - it can happen instantaneously, same day, within 3 days, 2 weeks etc. But based on my personal experiences, I'd say for me it's probably about a 10 day average of time buffer. I do recall one situation where I experienced an 'instant' manifestation after radiating very high energy, my intuition sent me a very clear message to do something that I couldn't ignore, and that radically transformed the next several months. But beyond 'instant miracles' i generally do think it ranges from say 3 days to 2 weeks.  

What do you guys think? :) And, if you subscribe to the idea, then how long do you think the buffer is? Feel free to talk about personal experiences. 

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  • Wow an amazing topic. This one idea of time sent me on a personal journey because I never believed time existed and I still don't now. I think sometimes we forget that we are soul beings pretending to be human and we allow our small human perspective to attempt to understand something that is too big for it. So I did some meditation and learned how to astral project which lead me to some interesting answers. Now this is just from my personal experience and you guys may not want to play the game of life this way. From my personal experience the space in between the reality where our manifestation doesn't exist and the reality where our manifestation does exist has nothing to do time. It has everything to do with your emotional energy and your belief systems. You could have a desire and do everything you think you should be doing and not ever see that manifestation. There are some people who have been waiting 6 years on one manifestation and has yet to see a sign. Some of these manifestations are as simple as a relationship and then there are people who have been able to manifest a relationship or even 2,000 dollars in day. There a videos on youtube and countless real stories of what we call instant manifestations. In reality "Instant manifestations" means manifestations we want. Which reality for most people is made up of manifestations they want and ones they don't want. We all have the power to turn the knob all to the what we want side.

    I have my own personal experience of things that I've wanted manifesting in a 2 or 3 hours and it isn't because I or anyone else is special. In my personal opinion it isn't about time, it's about your emotional energy state and your belief systems you have on autopilot.
    We have emotional states and belief systems that we have made part of our normal everyday energy states that are either negative or no where near our pure positive energy state that our Soul is at. These energy states determines whether what you desire manifest in a few seconds, a few years or never.
    The reason why people think it takes time to manifest their desirers is because they want one thing but their frequency aka their emotional state is something else. The irony is everyone on this planet is instantly manifesting every moment of their lives. If we didn't instantly manifest then there would be no reality and all you would see is darkness and nothingless. If you're wondering what life would be like if you did't instantly manifest then close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears. That is exactly what your life would look like if you didn't instantly manifest because everything in your life right this second is a instant manifestation of your emotional state and your belief systems.
    It manifestations work just like your tv channels, If you're watching the sports channel and you're waiting for a Soap Opera to come on then when the Soap Opera doesn't come on your Sports Channel you believe it takes time. Which it doesn't, you're just not on the right channel to watch the Soap Opera. I will admit most people have daily habits that puts them on the wrong emotional state and sometimes it can take them a while to recognize their "bad energy lowering habits" and give them up. Aside from that you can create a life where your desires manifest so quickly that you don't have the "TIME" enjoy them all. If you it's taking time to manifest your desires then look at your daily habits. Do you debate or argue with people ? Debating and arguing = Lower Energy state and a Defensive Emotional State. Do you watch the NEWs, Soap Opera or movies with Drama? All of those things create a lower emotional energy state.
    Is just my personal opinion.

  • Bashar puts it quite cool, he says if you can imagine it , it already exists, so yes you can put it this way, however do your rules allow for this to be true? The only thing I don't agree with is that creation is finished:)

    • Bashar does talk about echoes of old creations and old things having a momentum, which I agree with.

  • I found this other quote by Neville that's pretty interesting:

    "Functioning on this level, it takes a little while to persuade ourselves when reason denies it and our senses deny it. Were we functioning on higher levels, everything would be immediately subject to our imaginative power. On this level it takes a little while, and so it takes persistence, it takes patience, it takes diligence. These are the things we pay, the price we pay for the fruits we are seeking to reap in this world. Here we always bear in mind the distinction between states and the occupant of the state.”"

    Appears to imply that depending on our vibration, things would be harder or easier to manifest. Which seems true. Jesus could manifest at will, and at low vibrations manifesting anything at all could be very hard to accomplish.

    • I think he means simply levels of reality , which is what I'm always  talking about remember when I told you about levels of reality the objective , subjective, symbolic and holistic? , it depends on which set of assumptions you are using, which level of reality you are operating in. I'm not sure what you call vibration here, the levels of reality?? If it is so than  yeah , however I prefer to call it a level, or set of assumptions. In shamanic tradition this is what we learn, we learn to operate within all levels of reality, move in and out of tem, in your understanding I would have to say we learn to change our vibration as we please or as it's needed, and this is how we create our experience, we learn to raise our vibration ( change a mindset) or lower it with shifting from one to another just by a thought. Process is so quick that it is hard to measure it using time, it's like an instant shift using our focus.   

  • Yeah but things also happen in the path of least resistance, regarding your beliefs too. So for big intentions, it may take some time for that to happen.

    • I think what you call beliefs I call assumptions , world really is , what you will think it is. In my opinion reality has levels , each level has sets of assumptions , set of rules, and those differ. So using one set of assumptions we can experience the time buffer you are talking about. The words path of least resistance can be used as a set of assumptions .by our assumptions, attitudes and expectations we make things possible or impossible, real or not real, true or not true. By shifting mindsets we can do ordinary and nonordinary things in the same physical dimension that we share with everyone else. The way to change experience is to shift from one set of beliefs (assumptions, attitudes and expectations) about that reality to another set. And it's like this with manifesting. It will be a lot faster or instant within one set of assumptions and slower within another set of assumptions. 

      So yes your statement will be correct but only within certain set of assumptions. 

  • Exactly, this is in line with my thoughts though. I've been doing intense work on myself for years, and the contents of your consciousness don't reflect outward immediately when you do emotional or belief work. It takes some time for it to integrate and process - it could take days or weeks, and then it happens automatically.

    This seems consistent with what other people have reported that I'm aware of as well. So i think there's some integration mechanism with things that take some time.

  • I was reading and came across a quote that reminded me of this thread:

    'Because creation is finished, what you desire already exists. It is excluded from view because you can see only the contents of your own consciousness. It is the function of an assumption to call back the excluded view and restore full vision. It is not the world but your assumptions that change. An assumption brings the invisible into sight.'

    The quote is from The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Thoughts?

  • Hmmm don't you think we manifest things all the time and often don't even notice it as manifestation?  ,,, I want to call my friend and in a few seconds you press a button on your phone and it's  calling''' isn't that also a manifestation? What we have done is categorise things in to easier to get and harder to get, in to bigger and smaller in to difficult and less difficult , since the world is what you think it is all experience seems to be consistent  with ones assumption about experience. So the time buffer will be , what you think it will be. in my personal experience things show up pretty  quick if it takes a bit longer that usually means I have an opinion related to this thing coming in to being within my reality, I somewhere still have a belief on how it happens, or about what needs  to happen in order to get it, and I than work on changing whatever that belief might be. I don't look for that particular belief, I don't have to I just know there is one and so I think of ways on how to think differently about it, what would I have to believe in order for this thing to show up quicker.  just changing your opinion or creating a new opinion  will transform the time it shows. 

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