What is Reality?

Are we all connected?

Are we God / do we possess godlike powers?

Can we change our past?

Can we experience situations, which are not in accordance with scientific laws and principles?

Do we shift to a different reality, or change our current reality?

How does 'reality' work? (added 3/28)

How do different people experience the same reality differently?

How do instant manifestations work?

How do our subconscious minds work?

How much control do we have over our experience of reality?

How much of an impact would changing our core beliefs have on our physical perception of reality?

What determines how we experience reality?

What is consciousness?

What is reality?

What is space?

What is time?

When we change our own perceptions of reality, do we change others' experiences?

Above are some of the queries I wish to explore further. I will be adding more as we go along, and please feel free to do so as well, in the replies. I know some of these questions could already have answers or theories supporting them, so we can look into those as well.

I'll take this moment to properly welcome anyone who has joined this group, no matter when you arrived. Thank you for contributing to our exploration into 'reality' and all things related! We appreciate all sorts of content related to this topic; anything from questions to theories to records of past mysterious experiences. Lastly, I wish you all well in furthering our research.

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  • Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, Will. That’s certainly a thought-provoking answer. I found this part especially interesting:

    ’What is reality? God aka your Soul pretending to be individual human being,Planets, animals and etc.’

    Based off of what you said, I wanted to ask whether you believe we all share a soul, which some consider God? Or do you think one lives alone as a single soul, and everyone else is essentially ‘fake’? I believe that we all live as one soul, projected as billions of people. It’s a matter of perception for me. We can choose to percieve as one of many individuals or a neutral viewpoint, like awareness or an observer.

    • Hey there Billie

      I believe we are all one being pretending to everything. Almost like electricity that powers every device on this planet. I feel like we are one conscious soul and the higher up in frequency we realize we are all one single being. There are stories of people being healed by another individual or group of individuals focusing on that one person. In my opinion that one person or group is transferring more of the one soul back to that person who needs healing and that process does the healing. There are stories of Native Americans having the ability to make it rain well if the Earth shares the same soul as you then making it rain could as simple as seeing the Earth as part of you as well. I believe individuality is the illusion and Unity is the truth and tht simple idea of Unity is the real reason why law of attraction works because you're not technically attracting stuff, you are manifesting things out of your own Soul which is in you an everything you can see hear and touch

    • Hi Will,

      I completely agree with what you’re saying about us being essentially one. That’s the only theory that both makes sense and resonates with me. Currently I’m trying to reach a point of unity, just to experiment with. I’ve reached it a few times but never truly realized how amazing it is.

      Thank you for your input!

    • That’s an interesting question Bashar for example explains this as , our whole of humanity it’s only around 300000 souls , which would mean that each of those 300000 is experiencing different aspects of itself all at the same time. The bees nest might b a good analogy here . Bees nest as one being esperiancing many aspects of itself with each aspect experiencing different life ! 

  • Hey again Billie and guys. Good to see all of you are still here.
    I have a answer that is unpopular with most people who ask this question but it's my personal opinion.
    What is reality? God aka your Soul pretending to be individual human beings,Planets, animals and etc. It's pretty much a game that we from a higher level wanted to play. We human beings always wonder why some of us like Scary movies, go on roller coasters or do something insane just for fun. Well that desire to do those things doesn't come from the human mind it comes from the God mind. Who we really are. The being we really are knows it's a game and is having fun right now.
    How much control do we have ? ALL but we come into this reality pretending we don't just for the sake of the game. The game is going through certain situations that is suppose to push us towards realizing were creating our reality all along and had all control.
    In my opinion reality works like this.
    Feeling becomes pattern, that feeling pattern becomes a Thought, that feeling powering that thought if it's held purely becomes a Energy manifestation is strong enough that our Eyes, ears, touc

  • Yes, I love these questions! Would you like for me to list them above or should we leave them as a reply?

    • Billie what happened to your last discussion about reality? I just logged in to write my input and it was gone. 

    • I apologize for deleting that discussion without warning, knight.

      I posted another discussion here, pertaining to the same question. What I said there is considerably different, compared to the previous post, but I feel much more confident in the opinions I conveyed in the new discussion.

  • Some other potentials could be:

    What am I? What is the "I"? What is other?

    Is consciousness the same as awareness?

    What is the ego? 

    Whats enlightenment?

    What is mind?

    Does everyone manifest equally?

    What's the soul? 

    Can we access different dimensions, and if so, how?

    Does action have a vibration? 

    etc, just some ideas

  • Thank you! I thought it would be useful if we started right from the beginning, even if we are analyzing questions LOA teachers have theorized about.

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