Welcome! So tell us your story. How did you find the course or should I say tell us how it found you! It found me 20 years ago. I was 21 and my moms friend gave it to me. It opened the world to me. Over the years I wonder if it still has the same impact on others now that there is so much "help" out there. Are people really willing to do something every day for year? I hope so because I love meeting people that have done the course. You can practically pick them out of a room. Namaste, Chris

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  • Hey, Chris,

    The course came in to my life at the end of last year.  I found a mentor who I was totally attracted to, Erika Awakening.  She has created a program based on the course.  She uses EFT with it to create a powerful program unlike any other.  All I can say is that her program is amazing and works so fast and efficiently.  She claims that the course is her core curriculum and is why her approach is so transformational.  It has totally rocked my world.  Or should I say, turned it right side up. So much so that I have become a Holistic Life Coach so that I can help change lives, too.  I knew for some time that I was meant to be a coach/mentor, but hadn't found my niche.  The course resonates with me on the cell level.  I love teaching it's principles and have dedicated my entire life to them.  I love practicing it every day.  It's a way of life from moment to moment.  I had never even heard of the course before I found Erika. It has answered all my questions and continues to be a source of comfort and truth. 

    Create a Wonderful Day,

    Elaine Enlightening

    "Light is unlimited...and spreads across the world in quiet joy."

  • I have been a student of the Bible, New Age philosophy, wicca, and now am starting to get into ACIM. Right now I'm reading it out of curiosity. There must be something there to get so many people this excited. I am reluctant to believe that Jesus himself transcribed this book, but it is interesting nonetheless. I wish the course was not so connected with the Bible, even though its writings transcend even christianity.
  • I just signed on now and thought this would be a very active group! My I am amazed at how few have respondede here. This is a very profound, but a very quiet moment. So, I am now not really amazed that it has not not found a great gathering. It's thoughts are very inline with all that there is. I know it's been calling me for many years. I have a book printed from Long Lake, MN devoted to Miracles and new thoughts -- these were printed back in years that I do not have in front of me. Oh the pictures and poems and insights are Divine!! I think we got a spring pool here in Minneapolis, MN. There is a power spot or something. There are many Divine Ones here working their energy. Not all people grasps all of the concepts of ACIM, but there are many who grasp the points about this being something that we made, something about us being all One, something about this all ending and something blissfull will occur, something about forgiving everyone!
    This are the highlights and it's written in more language than just ACIM, as it speaks that this is not the only way the "cuirriculm" will be given. All love goes out to all who join us on this page. If you have not checked out A Course In Miracles, I advise you too. There is Peace there.
  • Hi Everyone
    I found ACIM in the1980's when I did a workshop called "Loving Relationships training" or LRT with Sondra Ray. In those early days, I felt angry about the gender bias and the religious terminology, I let that get in the way. A couple of years later (1988) after attending a Jerry Jampolsky workshop and getting his take on it and reading a couple of his books, I allowed myself to be open minded about it again. My partner would read the text to me and then we would stop and discuss it, this went on for many months and I slowly relaxed into it as I realised the truth of it.

    Since then, I have done about 60% of the lessons, read the Teachers Manual several times and studied and read the text right through again with friends. This took several years.

    The course in now the basis of my thinking and my sense of peace about the world.
  • What do you like the most about the Book? It makes me feel at I've
    crawled up on the Universe's lap ...wrapped up in love..
  • Hello All,
    Marianne Williamson is who turned me on to "A Course In Miracles". Somewhere in her book "A Return To Love" (perhaps the forward) she talks about the years she spent studying this marvelous truth. I was traveling at the time ( reading A Return to Love) and we were in a small, quaint berg somewhere on the east coast. On a morning walk we turned the corner to find a book store in front of us. Of course we had to enter and there in the middle of my path was the book "A Course in Miracles". Kismit? no, Necessary. Truely a gift to me.
    Marianne is teaching the Course on She goes through a lesson a day. It's free. It's a wonderful refresher and I love to hear her speak the lessons. It's a nice morning meditation.
    Marianne became an Ordained Minister of the Light due to the amazing transformation from this study. She speaks at our church occasionaly and if I ever marry, I would love for her to perform the ceremony.
    The course has transformed me and I am so grateful for the Universe for sending this to us. I would still be very confussed without having read it. Of course I always try to gain the knowledge by osmosis first. When sleeping with the book doesn't produce any real effects, I resort to reading it. (LOL)
  • Around December '73 - January '74 I was living in Los Angeles and was at party where a friend of mine, actually not even a friend, an aquaintance of mine came in looking so brilliantly light and content that I asked what he had done and he told me briefly about this book called A Course In Miracles. Less than a week later I ran into another aquaintance and I noticed she had transformed from this large, bulky woman who seemed uncomfortable with herself and not particularly likable to this large radiant woman who seemed incredibly poised, looked incredibly self-confident in a very approachable manner. Her manner was so inviting that I felt free to ask her also what she had been doing, and she told me she was doing a Course in Miracles.

    So, I got the particulars from her, sent in my $30.00 (the price at the time) and have been a student of sorts of A Course in Miracles every since.
    • awsome I love hearing how the course found people. :)
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