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  • Denise,
    Yes, I have heard of it. It is a common practice. Just make sure you cleanse the crystals before you use them for this purpose. If you use any other stones besides clear quartz, be sure to research them as some gemstones can be toxic. The crystal do add energy to water. I have used this type of water for my plants as well and they seem to thrive with it.
  • Teri I do agree with you completely. I am now using the crystals in water.. I was told to leave a crystal in a clear glass of water over night. This would energize the water & then to drink it in the morning. Have you ever heard of something like this?
  • Hi Denise! I have been attracted to them since childhood also. They have a wonderful energy and though many may not realize it, they do have a very positive effect not only upon us but on our surroundings. The vibrations of crystals are very special and each one is different.
  • Since, I was very young, I have had an amazing attraction to quartz & Crystals. I find myself feeling so energized having them near me. I truly believe having them in your home brings a feeling of peace & love. Many friends tell me that the love coming to visit & feel so peaceful.
  • These are all powerful tools for healing, Sandy! You are blessed!
  • Welcome to our new members! Make yourself at home and browse through the discussions.
  • I think it depends upon the color of the stone. I know that the 'dragon skin' matrix design comes in a variety of colors and jasper as well. Though there is not much written about it, it appears to carry powerful protection/defensive properties especially where wealth and prosperity are concerned. When considering the colors it comes in you can add that. For example, a green color may protect wealth, a black color may protect against negativity, and so on. The most important point, and I can't stress this enough, is how the spirit of the stone speaks to you. It will let you know by its vibration. Hope this helps!
  • Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone knows of particular characteristics of "dragon skin" in agate. It is quite beautiful, and someone suggested that it is a powerful prosperity attractor.

    Love & Light
  • Thank you Teri! God bless you!
  • Right of the bat I would suggest Moonstone. It is said that Moonstone can aid in problems of water retention in the body. Wear or carry it on your person and place it under your pillow at night.
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Quartz Crystals And How They May Change.

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